I’m back!

I’m back!

I think it must have been at least 2 weeks since my last blog post and I figured that that was way too long. So I pulled out my iPad and started to write this post. My laptop is still broken so I’m sorry if the blogs aren’t as good quality but I’ll try my best with it. As for my shopping haul, all of the pictures are on my laptop not my ipad so I can’t upload that post till my computers fixed. Which is very annoying! But I’m going shopping on Saturday so at least there will be more things in the post. And I’ve seen a few comments on here to say that when you try and load up my Instagram, it won’t work. That’s because for some reason I didn’t set it up right so it’s not working. So I’ve got to set up a whole new account which I will do as soon as I can. And I’ll let you know when that’s all done.

Im going to start putting my normal posts up as of tommorow so keep coming back to the blog for a new post.

I’m really sorry about the lack of posts! 😔💜

Milalor x X x X 💗

Make up routine!

Make up routine!

As promised here is my long waited updated make up routine. I know that i promised this post about a month ago but I’ve been really busy with school and that but now it’s easter break so i thought i would finish it! Don’t forget to follow the blog and give this post a like if you enjoyed it!

I use to wear foundation all the time. The one i wear is my benefit foundation, however I’ve noticed that when i do wear it, it really clogs up my skin.  So I stopped wearing it for a week and my skin went completely back to normal. So now i don’t really wear foundation that often anymore. And if i do i only use a really small amount just to even out my skin tone, thats it. So if any of you are having problems with your skin i would recommend you stop wearing your foundation for a while and see if it improves.

The first thing i like to do is go in with my colour correcting kit. Green for redness, lilac for yellowIMG_7275 tones in the skin. When thats all blended in, i just seal it in place with the primer it came with. This is collection and was £4.50.




Then over the top of that i use my barry M concealer jut to make sure my skins all covered. I blend this out with my concealer brush. I’ll insert a picture of all my brushes at the end of this post, instead of putting them with everything. IMG_7276 I got this from a counter at superdrug and was £5.00.




Then to finish off the base of my face i use my benefit powder. I’ve done a few posts where I’ve talked about this powder so i will leave a few links to some of them posts if you want to go and check them out. IMG_7277And i can’t really remember the price but I’m going to guess around £12.50.  A review! . And to blend this out i just use my concealer brush.



The next thing i do is contour and highlight my face.  I contour the tops of my cheek bones, top of my head, around my jawline and on theta of my nose. The i highlight the top of my cheek bone, my chin, tip and sides of my nose and in-between my brows.IMG_7278 I find that this is just what slims down my face but i know that there are many different ways to contour and that but this way just works for me. I use these smaller brushes for this. And this little pallet was from collection and was £3!



If i don’t contour and highlight, i use my colour powder thing. I don’t really know what you call them so let me know in the comments if you know.  Its not really a blusher but i guess it kind of is. IMG_7283I’m not really sure. But anyway i apply this along my cheekbone. This is from avon and i don’t know the price because i got it for Christmas.




Then i fill in my brows. I either use my benefit pencil or this pallet thing. I use the colour the brush is pointing towards. I find it a lot easier to just use the pencil but if i want a fuller look i have to use the colour out of that pallet. IMG_7280The brush is a angled brush out of a really big set of brushes i got for Christmas. I’m guessing the whole set was around £10. The eyebrow pencil was £18 and the pallet i got for christmas so i’m not sure but it’s from avon.



Then i like to move on to my eyes. I have different looks which i like to do so i’ll show you all a few of them. The first one is a subtle smokey eye. To do this i use 3 little number 7 eye shadows which i got out of my number 7 advent calendar last year.

Or another look is where i just pick two colours out of the pallet and mix them together. The number 7 eye shadows are around £8 each and the pallet is the one i mentioned in my brows thing above.

For my eyeliner i like to use my Rimmel London eyeliner. I personally find this really easy to use and it does the perfect flick. I love it. IMG_7281I think that these are around £8 ish. The reason i like this is because its liquid and not to thick.




I also like to use my avon eyeliner. The trouble with this one is that it’s more of a crayon than a pen so it’s harder to do flicks with but at the same time it’s really easy to line your eye. IMG_7282What i sometimes do is line my eye with this one, then do a flick it my other eyeliner. And this like i said is from avon and is £7.




I have quite a few mascaras and i use them all for different parts of my lashes, and different looks i want to go for. For instance i use the number 7 ones together. The pink one on my lower lashes and the black one on my upper lashes. These give my eyelashes loads of volume like i can’t even describe what it looks like. Then obviously my avon one which i’ve talked about loads.  The wands are above or below the bottle.

I have loads of lipsticks and lip glosses so i just picked out my favourite ones to show you. I’m sure i’ve spoke about them loads already on here so i’ll just attach the pictures! But if you have any questions about them just leave them in the comments.

Then like i said here is a picture of the brushes i mentioned. IMG_7300The first ones my foundation brush, the seconds my concealer and powder brush. The third is my contour brush and the third is my highlighting brush.





I hope you all liked this post and don’t forget to keep checking back for another post!

Love Milalor X x X x

Make up Review

Make up Review

Hello everyone,

*I feel like i need to come up something different to ‘hello everyone’ i swear that i use it in every blog!

So at the weekend i went into a benefit make up store and brought some new make up. I didn’t get that much just because christmas is coming up and i did ask for some then. But because i got some money for my birthday i thought that i’d go and buy a few little things.

The first thing i got was this foundation in the shade ivory. I figured that its better to spend a little bit more money on a foundation so that you know its a good quality one. I think this was around £18 but I’m not 100% sure. This foundation is really good. It gives a great coverage and blends really easily. Not only that but it doesn’t feel like your wearing any make up. With some foundations they can feel really cakey and you can feel them clogging up your skin, if that makes any sense, but this one doesn’t.img_6729

Then i also brought this powder to set my foundation. This was around £18 too. Personally i really like powder because you can wear it on its own to provide a good coverage to you can put it over foundation to set it and give more coverage. Again like with the foundation some powders can feel really cloggy but this one is alright. This powder came with a brush and sponge to put it one with. I must admit though i dont know if its really worth the whole £20 but is alright. Again i got this in ivory.img_6728

The last thing i got was this eye brow pencil. And i think it was around the £15 mark. I got it in shade 3. Now my brows are a really strange shape which makes them really hard to fill in or shape, so apparently this pencil was good for people who find it quiet hard to fill in their brows. So therefore i thought well i might as well give it ago.  Its not very pigmented but it does the job. It is really easy to use so i’ll give it that! I’ll put in a picture in to show the shade. The brush at the end is really useful though as it pushes the colour through the brow!img_6730


So thats what i got on my little trip to befit overall i think all the products are good but  are a little pricey. Let me know in the comments your favourite make up brand! And don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another post.

Bye for now,

Lots of love,

Milalor X x X x

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