Make up Review

Make up Review

Hello everyone,

*I feel like i need to come up something different to ‘hello everyone’ i swear that i use it in every blog!

So at the weekend i went into a benefit make up store and brought some new make up. I didn’t get that much just because christmas is coming up and i did ask for some then. But because i got some money for my birthday i thought that i’d go and buy a few little things.

The first thing i got was this foundation in the shade ivory. I figured that its better to spend a little bit more money on a foundation so that you know its a good quality one. I think this was around £18 but I’m not 100% sure. This foundation is really good. It gives a great coverage and blends really easily. Not only that but it doesn’t feel like your wearing any make up. With some foundations they can feel really cakey and you can feel them clogging up your skin, if that makes any sense, but this one doesn’t.img_6729

Then i also brought this powder to set my foundation. This was around £18 too. Personally i really like powder because you can wear it on its own to provide a good coverage to you can put it over foundation to set it and give more coverage. Again like with the foundation some powders can feel really cloggy but this one is alright. This powder came with a brush and sponge to put it one with. I must admit though i dont know if its really worth the whole £20 but is alright. Again i got this in ivory.img_6728

The last thing i got was this eye brow pencil. And i think it was around the £15 mark. I got it in shade 3. Now my brows are a really strange shape which makes them really hard to fill in or shape, so apparently this pencil was good for people who find it quiet hard to fill in their brows. So therefore i thought well i might as well give it ago.  Its not very pigmented but it does the job. It is really easy to use so i’ll give it that! I’ll put in a picture in to show the shade. The brush at the end is really useful though as it pushes the colour through the brow!img_6730


So thats what i got on my little trip to befit overall i think all the products are good but  are a little pricey. Let me know in the comments your favourite make up brand! And don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another post.

Bye for now,

Lots of love,

Milalor X x X x

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4 thoughts on “Make up Review

    1. Thank you! My skin is quite pale and i have a few blemishes. The foundation does cover it all well (and blends easily). The only thing is it does add a bit of colour to your face so you have to make sure you blend it down your neck. Xxx


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