Product Review – 2

Product Review – 2

Hello everyone,

So i was looking at the blogs stats today and i noticed one of my most popular posts was my product review. So as you’ve probably guessed  todays post is going to be about one of my new favourite product. And if you haven’t seen my other product review i’ll leave a link  next to this text….Product Review!

Anyway going to review the product….. John freeman easy frizz hair product.

Now i figured this one would be worth reviewing as i have quite a few things to say about it.. (And if you like this post check out a previous hair care post Blonde Hair Care! .

But i hope you enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Okay so first of all i thought that i’d tell you where i got this product from. It is from my local drug store (super drug) and cost £5.99. However at the time there was a offer where you could buy 3 of the products for £12 so bargain! Haha but yeah anyways….

The main reason i brought this product was to stop my hair from going so frizzy. It really annoys me sometimes on how frizzy my hair gets in the mornings. I’ve tried lots of other products before but non of them really worked so let me know in the comments any products you can recommend. I was actually pleasently surprised on how this stopped my hair from going so frizzy.

When i was my hair i dry it of a bit then apply the serum into my hair. I then finish drying it off and its frizz free! Amazing.

I know this post was a bit all over the place but oh well!! Anyway i am currently preparing loads of posts for you all so keep checking back for more!!!

Lots of love,

Milaor X x x Ximg_6458



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