No7 calendar review

No7 calendar review

Hello everyone,

So as i promised, here is my no7 beauty calendar review post! Let me know in the comments what calendar you have this year.

First of all i actually got this calendar as part of a early birthday present because it think its something like £30. And i got it form boots (uk) but I’m pretty sure there are many other places that you can get it from.

I know some people will see £30 and will think ‘wow thats a lot of money for a calendar’ but you actually get around £150 worth of product in it, so its good for the money. Since it isn’t christmas yet i can’t show you what i got every day but here is what i got so far…

DAY 1- Mistletoe lipstick.

DAY 2- Day face cream.

DAY 3-Hand cream.

DAY4-Nude nail polish.

DAY 5-Night cream


So i hope you liked this post and don’t forget to come back tomorrow! And sorry it was quite short.

Lots of love

Milalor X x X x


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