Autumn Make up look

Autumn Make up look

Hello everybody,

So as so many of you liked my make up look things i thought that i’d do my Autumn make up look! I really hope you all enjoy¬†this post and if you do give a like! ūüôā

Okay so as it’s Autumn I like having a bit more of a natural look. I don;t really know why but i just think that Autumn is a very natural season, so a natural make up look goes well. (WOW that was kinda poetic!) However, i must admit i do love wearing berry colour lip sticks (preferably darker coloured ones :)), i just feel like they are very autumny (don’t think that was a word but oh well)!

As always I start my make up look by washing and moisturising my face. I do this for 2 reasons. 1 so that it takes any other make up off my face that was previously on it and 2 it just makes my skin really clear so when i put my make up on it doesn’t clog it up as much! And as per usual i use my simple face wash and tea tree moisturiser. I got my face wash from tesco, and i think it was ¬£2.00 and my moisturiser is from super drug and that was ¬£1.50 but i do believe both these products are sold in many other stores.img_6453

So once my face is all clean and washed i apply my cover up stick. Now personally i’m not a huge fan of foundation because i just feel like it really clogs up your skin so i prefer to use a cover up stick in the places i feel i really need it. I blend this out with my beauty blender thing. I feel like this gives good coverage so it does the job. Again this one was from tesco and was only ¬£1.00 (i think). I’m pretty sure you can buy these in any make up store though.

Depending on the day i might or might not contour my face. But ‘m going to pretend that on the day of this look i do! So i obviously use my face the day pallet. I did do a whole post on this as I’m really loving it right now- so i’ll leave a link to that right here if you want to go check it out. ¬† But yeah so as you can see I’m a little bit obsessed with this pallet. Again i blend this with my beauty blender. Or sometimes i might use a brush.image

Now the base of my face is done, i move onto my eyes. Now to be honest with you all i very rarely wear eye liner, because i can’t really apply it properly. Part of this is because i wear glasses, so you know i can’t see it that well. Do any of you get that problem? So anyway i skip the eye liner and just go straight to the mascara. I use this avon one that i got last christmas. Or if i feel extra risky i use my fibre lashes. Which basically if you don’t know what that is, you apply tiny fibres to your eye to give it a bit more volume. I’ll attach a picture so that you know what i mean. My avon one was something like ¬£3 and the five lash was around ¬£5 ish mark.img_6457

I also can rarely be bothered to do eyeshadow so i’ll leave that step out for this time ūüėČ

Last, but not least i wear my berry lipstick. Now my one is very battered in and i kinda need to purchase a new one. It’s more of a lip crayon but same thing. This is a deep purply colour and i just love it. I got this from boots and it was ¬£3.99.

So this was a slightly longer (705 words, that may not seem a lot to you put compared to previous posts thats quite a lot for me!) post but i hope you all enjoyed it. Also let me know if you prefer the longer ones or the shorter ones in the comments. And i was thinking of posting every day again but I’m not sure….

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x

(And I’ve just realised the feature image is upside down…. oops)!!




Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Hola everyone!!!! ¬† (thought that i’d try a different introduction today!)

So today to be honest i wasn’t to sure what to write about, but once i saw how much you all like my make up routines i thought¬†id do a different type of routine. So this is my morning routine. (there will be one from the other writer to follow).

I hope you enjoy this and don’t forget to come back soon for another post> Also say in the comments if you’d like a night version as well.

Okay so i wake up at 7:00am every week day (unless it is a weekend of course which i usually wake up at about 8 it on). If you have seen my top ways to save time in mornings you’d already know this. But yeah so 7 am every day.

As soon as i wake up i go in the shower. Now i don’t wash my hair in the mornings as i wouldn’t be able to dry it in time so i wash that in the evenings. I’m usually in the shower for about 10 minutes.

When i get out the shower i obviously dry off, and usually go on my phone or come onto wordpress and read any comments or read my favourite blogs.

When i am dry i get dressed. Now i am someone who likes to get their outfit ready the night before so i just put whatever i chose on then go get my breakfast.

When i go get my breakfast it’s usually about 7:25 ish. Now i typically have 2 wheat-a-bixes with a sprinkle of sugar and some milk, i think this is just a really easy breakfast to make as it literally take seconds and its kinda yummy! Now when i eat my breakfast i like to watch a little bit of telly.

Once I’ve done that i go up to brush my teeth. Pretty basic stuff really but anyways…….

Once my teeth are all cleaned i put on my make up on however i don’t wear make up every day it just depends what type of mood I’m in. But if you want to know my make up routine go check out my blog post on it from earlier on.¬†Make up Routine

Now if i need to i go and pack my bag, and that is a typical morning routine. I’ve usually done all that by 7:45 ish or sometimes around 8.

Please let me know if you like this post and sorry that it was a little bit long and ramberly but i hoped you enjoyed it!!

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x

How to save time in the mornings.

How to save time in the mornings.

Hello everyone,

So today ¬†I wanted to write about ways to save time in the mornings. If you are like me your mornings are very rushed and you end up forgetting thousands of things. With is why i decided to share with you all some ways I thought of to save time. So I hope you like this style post and let me know what you think by giving it a like or comment. Don’t forget to check back for another blog soon!!

So my number one top tip (which is really quite obvious) is to set a alarm. Now when I say set a alarm i mean one that gives you a decent amount of time to get ready. For instance say you need to go somewhere at about 8:20am I would typically get up at around severn so I know that i’ll have time to do what i want to do.

Another idea would be to get everything ready in the evening before. Say you need to take a packed lunch to school/work, then make it the night before and leave it in the fridge over night. This is guaranteed to save you a chunk of time in the morning.

You can even pick out your outfit the night before. This will most defiantly save you a decent amount of time in the mornings. I feel like this saves a lot of time so you can do other things. If you don’t usually pick your outfit till the morning because of the weather, then get 2 different looks out so you can choose between the 2.

If you are just someone who hates the thought of having to get up in the mornings so just wake up leaving yourself 10 minutes to get ready, then this will probably help you. Instead of dreading the mornings, go to bed a little bit earlier so you’ll wake up feeling fresher. Another thing that i think really helps is also just having a nice cup of coffee first thing to give you a burst of energy.

Im sorry if this blog was really short but let me know what you thought!

Bye for ow.

Milalor X x X x

10 of the most awkwardest things!

10 of the most awkwardest things!

Hello everyone,

Today we wanted to share with you all 10 of the most awkwardest (if thats even a word) moments that we’ve all been through. Let me know in the comments your most awkwardest moment! I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check back for another post…..

  1. when you have to introduce yourself. Is it just me or is this just the worst possible thing its like well what do you want me to say!
  2. Linking onto number 1 is having to give 3 facts about you. Now i really hate it when a teacher/other person tells you to stand up and give facts about yourself. Now personally i don’t think I’m a interesting person so this is always tricky.
  3. When walking down a hallway and buying into some one. This one is so awkward. Let me know if this has ever happened to you.
  4. Just like number 3 is when you walk infant of someone and you both kinda go the same way. I don’t know how to explain this but I’m sure you all know what i mean. Its even worse when you trie to go the other way but they also try to go that way!!!
  5. Waving to the wrong person. When you think you see your friend so you obviously wave or even worse go say hello. Then soon realise that ,that was not your friend instead it was a complete stranger.
  6. Happy birthday. So its your birthday and everyone decides to sing happy birthday to you. Its just like where do i look…..
  7. Trying to explain a song. So you are trying to explain a song to someone without having to sing it, within about 5 minuets of trying that and realising that 5 long minutes of you trying to do so they have no clue what you are going on about, so you end up singing it anyway.
  8. Telling a joke. So you’ve just told a joke that you have found insanely ¬†funny but no one else understood, then having to explain it and no one then finding it funny.
  9. Pull or push?! When you go to open a door and you pull/push it then realising it doesn’t open seeing then a MASSIVE sign saying the complete oppersite to what you just did. And therefore instantly feeling stupid.
  10. Realising that when you’ve read all these and have thought to yourself that you have been though everything listed!!

I hope you all liked this post. Give it a like and comment if you did so we know if you want more of these type of posts.

Bye for now,

milalor X x X x

DIY guinea pig toys

DIY guinea pig toys

hello everyone,

So some of you asked for another guinea pig one i thought i’d show you some DIY guinea pig toys! these can work as just small animal toys as well though. most of them use the cardboard bit in¬†a toilet roll so be prepared to look slightly weird as you will need to hoard toilet roll cardboard things!

anyway number one its like a treat cracker so you will need one cardboard toilet roll, a sheet of newspaper and some of your animals favourite treats or food. lay the toilet roll down the longest side in the middle.

then roll the newspaper round the roll. after twist one end together leaving the other open so you can add the treats before twisting the opened end. most newspaper ink is non toxic but you might need to check by using the internet as it depends on the brand/company. However your pet may not even chew the newspaper rip through it to get to its tasty food. then once the cracker has been broke just remove it from the cage/hutch.


for the next one all you need¬†is another cardboard toilet roll scissors and some more treats. first cut the toilet roll into rings you may need to re shape them so they are more circular. then simply loop them over one another till they form a ball. leave a small gap to add treats into then after reposition the¬†hoops to¬†close any bigger gaps. that’s it a little treat ball.


this one I recommend not leaving it in the hutch/cage as the cottons could get wrapped round their body without you knowing. I just use a old t-shit and cut it into strips then once I have a set of three a tie a knot and plait down till I reach the bottom then tie another knot. this is like a tug and war toy so when you play with your small animal you can have a cute tug of war (obviously be gentle as you are more powerful than them). or a alternative is if you have two eg. guinea pigs they can have their own tug of war (its so cute ūüôā ) just be sure to keep it out the cage/ hutch ¬†when you are not there.

I hope this gives you a idea of some cheap and easy diys for your small animals. If you use any other ideas I would love to know so I give my guinea pigs something new.

love milalor xx

Healthy snack ideas

Healthy snack ideas

hi everybody,

in todays blog I thought I would share with you some healthy snack ideas. these are particularly perfect for summer so I hope you enjoy.

What I think is the most easiest is fruit kebabs. All you need to do is pick out some of your favourite fruits, or you could try some new exotic ones, and cut them into bite sized pieces. Lastly place on the skewer. To make it look nicer, or for something the kids will enjoy doing, use a small cookie cutter to shape the fruit.

Another fairly quick one is apple slices, don’t worry they’re¬†not plain. First core the¬†apple ( you can then give¬†the core to your guinea pigs maybe if¬†you have¬†any) then cut into slices so you have rings. After spread a nut butter or honey over the apple. to add more flavour top with dried fruit or fresh small berries. You cold leave it like that or cover¬†another slice ¬†in the same spread and stick on top to make a healthy bagel.

Let me know in the comments of your favourite snack ideas.

Bye for now,

milalor xx



My Holiday To Cornwall

My Holiday To Cornwall

Hello everyone,

So I just got back of my holiday to cornwall! So I thought that I’d share with you all what I got up to while i was there. We stayed in a tent while we were there but not one of them tiny 1 man tents no no no, this one was a 6 ¬†man massive tent. Lets just say we came prepared (we literally brought everything from home)! But anyway below I’ve attached a few pictures and places i went and i hope you enjoy reading…

Now the campsite we stay on is I think called perran sands, in Perenporth. Its right by the beach, so you don’t have to walk far. It’s SURROUNDED in sand dunes. Like there are genuinely loads of them! But back to what I was saying its right by the beach about a 5 minute walk.

On the beach there is a little bar which is the perfect place to watch the sunset. Here Ive attached a picture of one of the sunsets….

Now we also went on a day to trip to this mime place that was really cool!! I have forgotten the name of it but it was really fun.

We also found a shop called trago mills i don’t know if any of you have ever heard of it but let me know in the comments if you have. But any way they literally sell everything, from carpets to cloths!

Because the weather was so nice (quite suppressing for England), we spent most of the time on the beach with is why there isn’t much more to say really. But i hope you enjoyed this post and come back soon for another one.

bye for now,

milalor Xxx