Product Review!

Product Review!

Hello everybody!

Today I wanted to do something i haven’t done before and that is to review a product! So if you like this post give it a like and a comment to let me know.

So the product I’m going to review today if my face the day make up palette from collection. Now if you’ve been reading our previous posts you will see how much i’am obsessed with this pallet. So i thought that i would do a whole post based on it! So I brought this pallet from boots on sale.It was £3.99 so it was quite cheap. So anyway i pretty much use it daily.

The pallet includes a highlight, a contour, 4 eye shadows and a blush. Now in the pictures you can see how much I’ve been using the contour! I thinks it’s really good as well because on the back it tells you exactly how to apply all the products and in what order.


BLUSH image


Sorry this was quite a short blog but hopefully you all enjoyed reading! Don’t forget to come back soon for another!

Bye for now,

Milalor XxXx




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