5 things I hate!

5 things I hate!

hello everyone,

So in todays post i wanted to share with you all 5 things i absolutely hate/can’t stand or that annoy me! Most of these are probably weird things that wouldn’t bother most people but anyway…

  1. Okay so the number one thing I really can’t stand are feet/toes! I don’t know why but they just make me feel sick and i hate em! I think it’s just everything about a foot that i hate. All the little bones toes and that…. To be honest this is literally my worst nightmare writing about them…  I don’t get how people could want to go bare feet?! Some people have really disgusting feet (awkward cringe…) But yeah so i really hate feet and toes!image
  2. Another thing I hate are veins. Especially the really noticeable ones. I don’t really have a reason for hating them but i just do. As well as veins i really hate that bone under your wrist. You know that little one that you only see when you bend your wrist forward. eeeekkk. I would attach a picture but i don’t really want to.
  3. Now this thing kinda annoys me, you know when you pack to go on a holiday you think you have everything but when you reach your destination you realise you forgot something? That. It just annoys me so much I can’t even put it into words.
  4. It really annoys me when you grow your nails really nice and long the out of no where your nails pretty much splits! Like you put in all your hard work for your nail to just fail on you. Then you can either file your nail all the way down or just cut it off…
  5. I also really hate it when people use hashtags in every word, It’s just not needed!

I feel like I could just go on forever but I’m not going to (what a positive person i am! ). Let me know in the comments of anything that annoys you! I hope you enjoyed this post, and that horrible picture of feet and toes (that are not my feet and toes) that will know be on this blog forever!! Let me know in the comments of any thing that annoys you.

Check back tomorrow for another post!

Love Milalor XxXx

Summer into Autumn

Summer into Autumn

Hello Everyone,

In today’s post I wanted to basically moan about how it’s almost Autumn and summers almost over! But instead I’m going to tell you all the GOOD things about it being Autumn soon.

So the first thing is obviously the fashion. I personally love Autumn fashion. All the knit wear jumpers and jeans, tan Chelsea boots. Ugh I just love it.

And the fact that when Autumn comes it means it’s nearly winter and that means it’s nearly christmas! And christmas is just the best holiday.

Autumny scented candles. I absolutely love scented candles but the autumn scents are by far the best! Let me knowing the comments if you know of any good scented candles!

The colours! All the burnt oranges, reds, and brows. They are all so so so pretty. Don’t you all just love it when you are on a long walk amongst all the trees?!

Anyway that’s all for today’s post. Below I attached some of my favourite Autumn pics, I have these as all my screen savers.

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Bye for now,

Milalor xx

Ways to spice up a outfit!

Ways to spice up a outfit!

Hi everyone,

So today I wanted to tell you all some ways that you can just jazz up an outfit a little bit!

Have you ever been in one of them situations when you’ve just chucked on a pair of jeans and yesterdays t-shirt because you thought you had nothing on that day then suddenly somethings comes up? Or you’ve got an event to go to put don’t want to have to buy a completely new outfit (even though we’d all want to)? Well then I’m going to share with you all some of the ways you can spice up a basic outfit.

  1. Okay so for this one all your gong to need is a bandanna. Now you can buy these pretty much anywhere right now and for quite a cheap price. So you can wear a bandanna several ways.  One of these is to tie it round your wrist, or if you don’t fancy that you can loosely tie it round your neck. If neither of these appeal to you then you could put your hair in a high messy pony and tie it round your head!
  2. Add colour! So for this one your going to either need a brightly coloured bag or pair of shoes. And from their it’s pretty simple.
  3. Include some funky patterns such as leaped print shoes!
  4. So you’ve put on your black dress but worry it looks a little boring? Add a statement  necklace to bring the whole look together!

Okay so that was todays post and I hoped you enjoyed reading. If you know of any other ways to add that little bit extra to boring outfits then leave us a comment telling us your ideas or head over to our instagram, MilalorOfficial_15

Bye for now!

Milalor X

Make up Routine

Make up Routine

Hi everyone,

In today’s post I wanted to share with you all my daily make up routine. I’m not gonna lie my make up routine is pretty basic and simple and doesn’t require a lot of effort! But anyway I hope you enjoy reading my routine. Let me know any recommendations you have of any good make-up products as I’m always looking for new things! On our instagram  I have a bit more information about the products over there so go and give it a like and follow MilalorOfficial_15 .

First of all I like to wash my face. I like to use my simple face wash as it’s really good on sensitive skin like mine, it’s actually suitable for all skin types!image

Then I apply my tea tree moisturizer all over my face to make a good base for my makeup it also helps to keep my face nice and soft.image

Now I start working on my face. Depending on the day I might or might not wear foundation. If I do however I wear the miss sporty mission correction, this foundation gives you great coverage.image

Now for contour and highlighting! This has to be my favourite part of my routine. I use my face the day palette and basically just put the contour  along my cheek bones, jaw line, hair line and bridge of my nose. Then I put my highlighter under my eyes, on my cupids bow, below my brows, in-between my brows and on my chin. I blend this all together using my beauty blender (which is incredibly dirty!). image

So I’m now gonna fill in my brows. I a matte eyeshadow, I use the light brown colour. To apply this I use my angled brow brush.image

So once my brows are filled in I like to do my eye shadow. I personally like to do a subtle smokey eye. Again I like to use my facetheday pallet. Basically I simply use the lightest shade on my lid  and get darker in the crease.

On my eye lashes I use my rimmel London water proof mascara.image

Then lastly on my lips I either use a lipstick or lip gloss. I’ll attach a few pics of my faves. they are  well loved  so aren’t in the best condition but it does show you how much I use them.


I’m sorry this post is really long but if you actually read it all thank you x. I know it must seem that I spend about 30 mins on my make up a day but I  actually spend 10 if that! XX

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post and ill write again tomorrow! XXXX

love Milalor


Healthy Pasta Bake

Healthy Pasta Bake

Hello Everyone,

In todays post i thought id tell you about my favourite pasta bake recipe! This recipe can feed up to 6 people so its great for when you have a gathering with friends. I would suggest a side salad to go with but that is optional! I hope you enjoy! If you do make this send us a picture on instagram so we can see it! (MilalorOfficial_15) let us know if you added anything to it as well!!

Okay so enough of me rambling, this is what you are going to need:

  1. 500-750g of pasta of your choice
  2. 3 chopped peppers
  3. 8 chopped tomatoes
  4. 5 chopped mushrooms
  5. half a chopped onion
  6. Ready cooked chicken (this is optional)
  7. 2 jars of your preferred pasta sauce (i like to use a chunky veg one)
  8. mozzarella


  1. Add some water to a sauce pan and start cooking your pasta.
  2. While your pasta is cooking chop up all your veg.
  3. Now your pasta is all cooked you need to put it in a large oven safe container i don’t really know the name of them but usually they are china!?
  4. Now add in all your veg, sauce, mozzarella and chicken and stir it all together.
  5. Now cook in the oven for 15-20 minuets at 200 degrees.
  6. Now take your incredibly scummy  pasta and serve with a optional side salad!

And there you have it a easy,simple,lovely kinda healthy pasta bake.

I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another post.

Love Milalor Xx

Mexican Advenetures

Mexican Advenetures

Hey everyone,

I want to share with you my holiday to Mexico! I stayed in Play del Carmen and lets just say it was amazing! The views were so so pretty i loved every single minute of it. So i am going to share with you some of the pictures that i took. I hope you enjoy…

Also while your watching the pictures i just wanted to tell you a little bit about the hotel. So the hotel we stayed in was a Riu one (the chain)and i believe it was the palace. They entire lay out of the hotel was amazing, it was right on the beach, there were several pool and great food! There were soooooo many weddings happening while we were there so you could just stand and watch.As well as this there were quite a few trips to go on as well. If you were thinking of travelling to mexico i would most defiantly recommend this hotel!

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Come back tomorrow for a post about galaxy nails!! X

Love Milalor XXX