Cuba day 3 and 4…

Cuba day 3 and 4…

Okay so sorry I didn’t post for the last few days I’ve been busy with lots of stuff. But I figured that I should probably put one up for today. So here is all about Cuba day 3 and 4. I mixed them together because not a huge amount happened. But I hope you enjoy…

So day 3 was mainly just a day with sitting around the pool, I think after all the drama from the other day everyone was warn out. I don’t know if I mentioned but we did end up moving rooms to another block closer to the beach. Although when you look out the window you just get a sight full of mud and broken trees. Nice! 😂

Then we just grabbed dinner from the buffet that night because honestly, it was less hassle than trying with the restaurants. I’ve got to admit though, the evening shows they put on were quite good, so I’ll give them that! 

Then the next day was full of a little more drama though. I woke up not feeling very well so I stayed in bed for a bit longer than I usually do. Then I decided I should probably get up and sit in the reception to get a drink. So that’s what I did. But while I was waiting to order everything just went black, it was really weird. Then my mum came over and was like, what’s wrong? But I couldn’t get the words out to answer her. Then my knees just gave way and I fell. So the next thing I know is that I’m slouched down in a chair with a bag of ice on my face. I didn’t really know what happened and I still can’t really remember. 

But that’s all that really happened over these days. I’ll get back to you tomorrow about some more stories though. 

Milalor X x X x

Cuba – day 2

Cuba – day 2

Okay so we landed in Cuba yesterday afternoon, and i must admit when we saw the airport I got a little bit worried because it looked so small and tiny. But it was alright. We got through quickly and the transport to the hotel didn’t take to long so that was lucky. I’ve got to admit though when we arrived in the hotel yesterday i was knackered, I think it was because of the 5 hour time difference, its actually really hard to get use too! But after a quick nap we went down into the buffet restaurant and grabbed some dinner.I’m not a huge fan of buffets because i much prefer a sit down meal when you all eat at the same time but hey ho! There are about 5 al’acart restaurants here though so thats good.

When we arrived we went into this meeting/conference type room where we were given welcome drinks and had a little show put on for us. Which was cool to watch. Then we went on the go to our rooms. The thing is me and my family have had a bit of bad luck with our rooms on holiday, every year there is always something wrong with the first room they give us. So cue holiday drama number 1…

We arrived in our rooms which i’ve got to admit at first glance were lovely! It was until you looked closer you could see what was wrong with it. First there were mosquitos everywhere! It was gross. There were stains all over the room and beds, and they gave a little camp bed to sleep on which isn’t even suitable for a 6 year old. Not great… And to top things of next door was a loud disco party that goes on every night until at least 2 am. Not really what you want when your jet lagged!

So the next day (today) we went down the reception to see our rep. And i really do feel sorry for that poor women because she must have been getting 23425 million complaints a day, there were queues of people who wanted to see her. But she was really helpful, she got us new rooms to go look at, which honestly weren’t the best but at least i had a double sofa bed to sleep on, so we took it! They were closer to the pool area as well so thats a bonus.

So thats what we were up to yesterday and this morning. But we have just spent the afternoon sitting in the sun by the pool and getting a coffee.

In the evening we went to a ‘special meal’ that our holiday company put on for us. Which lets just say was a complete and utter disaster. Long story short they ended up running out of food and refused to cook more. Not the best start to our holiday! We ended up eating in the buffet which was rammed with people.  And to top it all of when we went back to the room there was a disgusting smell coming from outside and we couldn’t figure out what it was. Thats when we aunty (who works for a water company), who’s room was next to ours told us that it was sewage! Ewww. But i’ll let you know what happens about that tomorrow.

*Im actually convinced that this is a literal holiday nightmare. I mean its already full of disaster and we are only on day 2!

But trust me it gets wayyyy worse….

Milalor X x X x

It happened again…

It happened again…

I swear that every time i try and get back into writing something always gets in the way! I know that i promised daily blogs while i was away but we arrived in our resort and there was no wifi, obviously! But i still wrote the posts up in my phone so i’ll just publish them daily from now. So I’m sorry about that! I was really annoyed though because i got all excited about publishing travel blogs, but there was honestly no way i could post them. Unless I wanted to pay $2 every day for 1 hour of internet (which didn’t even work because i tried it once)! So below this little paragraph is a post about traveling to the airport and going on the plane and that sort of stuff. I hope you all enjoy!

Holiday Time…

Finally finally finally! Time for my holiday. If you know me you will know that i love going on holiday, literally love it. Every year in the summer we (by we i mean me and my family) go away on a two week holiday, this year we have gone to Cuba, which is super exciting. And this year i decided to write up a travel diaries sort of thing because its nice to look back on, and also it makes up some pretty cool posts!

So the only bad thing so far (now that I’m home i find it quiet funny how i thought the only bad thing was the flight because things got far far worse)! is the flight. Because i live in the Uk it takes about 10 hours. And I don’t love flying at the best of times so defiantly not a long haul one. But when we went to go board the plane, as a surprise my mum told us that she upgraded our seats, so that was super exciting. So we were at the front of plane and had loads of legroom!

We flew from Manchester and surprisingly I didn’t actually buy anything from the airport, unlike me! To be honest we didn’t really have much time because it took hours to get through security. But we did manage to find time to grab a little bit of breakfast which was yum!

I was looking through the shopping magazine on the plane but I couldn’t find anything i fancied buying, maybe on the way back i’ll find something I like!  We’ve just had our dinner, and i had this beef with a bit of pasta, its plane food so its not that yum but it will do. Ive watched quiet a few films, my favourite being crazy, stupid,love which i would recommend.

In tomorrows post i’ll do about arriving in the hotel and all of that stuff.

So bye for now,

Milalor X x X x