Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day!

As today is mothers day I thought that I would do a post of what we got up to. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to today.

We went to a party last night and so we didn’t get home until something like 3 am. So I didn’t get up till 10:30 but oh well…

Once I did finally get myself out of bed me and my brother gave my mum our presents while our dad cooked breakfast. We got her a pandora ring and safety chain for her bracelet   and some flowers and chocolates. And i ordered this really cool card from funky pigeon . com so if you want a personalised card i would recommend them.

Then we all got ready as you do. And i started to type up my party make up blog post which will be up in a few days, i’ve just got to finish it up and add some pictures. Then we went to go and test drive our new car, which was exciting. I love the smell of a new car, I think thats got to be my new favourite smell.

Then we went to go see my nan’s, and went to Tesco to pick up a delivery. Then just went for dinner at a pub called the wheatsheaf which can I just say has to be one of my favourite places to get food.

Now we are pretty much just sitting at home watching TV.

Don’t forget to tell me what you did for mother’s day!


Milalor X x X x



I love weekends. Well by that i mean Friday night and Saturday, they are defiantly my favourite. I don’t know if i like Sundays or not.  I just feel like its a strange day. I like the morning part because you cant just stay in bed until you want but i’m not a fan of the evening. I feel like Sundays are my productive day, like this the day i get everything done. What about you? Whats your favourite day?

Anyway the point in this blog is that i wanted to share with you all my weekend routine. Now i’ve never seen one of these routine things before but i might be wrong! Tell me in the comments your favourite thing to do on the weekend!

After school on a friday i get home and check my blog and emails. I’m the sort of person that lies to have all the emails go into folders. So i have like notifications in one emails int he other and so on. Usually on a Friday we go out for dinner or go to the pub or something like that. I really like doing this because it just gets me out of the house and outside (i guess you could say).

Then on a Saturday I’m usually left in the morning because my brother has football matches in the morning. So i’m really bad and don’t usually get up till like 10, which i know is terrible because i’m the sort of person that likes to get up to have the day. Except for obviously a Saturday… Anyway then we usually do something like shopping or go out somewhere. Near where i live theres a shopping outlet and that is 100% my favourite place to go shopping.  Then when we get back we either go out for dinner, have people round or go to someones house or to a party. As you can probably tell over the weekend we don’t really eat in by ourselves, which i don’t mind because i like to be with others.

Sundays are my organising day. Thats the day i do my homework and write up some blogs and reply to any comments or emails. Then i got to the supermarket and do the weekly shopping with my mum, which i can say isn’t the funnest thing i get up to. Then the rest of the day is spent not doing much unless we have something specific on. We always have  a homemade dinner on a Sunday then when thats done we watch call the midwife. Which if you didn’t know is my favourite program.

I hope you all liked this post and don’t forget to keep checking back for another post soon!

Lots of love

Milalor X x X x

Its Finally Spring!

Its Finally Spring!

Spring is one of my favourite seasons. I love all the flowers and plants and colours. And the fashion, thats probably my favourite part. Although i have to admit my favourite season for fashion has to be Autumn with all the burgundy colours. And all the animals like lambs. Flowers like Daffodils and Blossom…

Anyway I’m sorry i haven’t posted in what feels like ages! Ive been to centre parcs over the past weekend end but I’m back now!  It was really nice. The cabin we had was really modern and pretty. We spent most of our time in the swimming pool or bar but oh well…

And 2 days ago it was my 2 year anniversary on WordPress so thats exciting!

I just made this post to tell you all where i and been and there should be a new post going up in a few days.

Tell me your favourite season in the comments.

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x

Oh and i was thinking of posting my birthday cake recipe tomorrow, if it goes to plan when I make it! So give this post a like if you would like to see that.