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March Favourites!

March Favourites!

I have never done a favourites post before so i thought that it was about time i done one. So here is my March favourites! Give this post a like and follow the blog if you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments some of your favourite things from last month.

My number one favourite product from last month is my babyliss curler. This gives you the best 90’s style curls ever! IMG_7301Basically you take a small bit of hair put the machine thing on top and it sucks it up an lets it out all curly. If you are looking for a good curler this is defiantly one i would recommend!


My favourite make up product has to be my trusty face the day pallet. imageI’ve talked about this so many times I don’t think i could count. I think its been mentioned in every make up related post on here.



IMG_7300Another make up related product i’ve been loving this month are these brushes. I don’t know the professional name for this style brush, so I just call it the toothbrush brush. If you know the actual name tell me in the comments.


I’ve also been loving my Ariana Grande sweet like candy perfume. IMG_7302The smell is amazing. I can’t even describe how much i love it. I’m going to go see her concert next month too so thats exciting!



Another perfume I really like is the little black dress, from next. It smells really sweet and nice. IMG_7303To be honest sometimes i use it fragrance my room because it smells so good!




Recently one of my friends showed me this app called vlogger go viral, and I’m now hooked.IMG_7307 I cant stop playing it. Basically you chose your little character and just make little video things. It’s really cute.




Another thing i like playing is the sims. Thats like the only video type game i play and I’m addicted. I own most of the packs and that. So yeah the sims.

A bit random i know but this is my favourite mug.IMG_7308 I don’t really know why i wanted to put this in my favourites post but i did. Basically its a great coffee mug and i thought it deserved to get a mention.


Obviously you can’t have a favourites post without food and drink and I didn’t want to do a favourites post without food and drink so here is my favourite food and drink… (When you read that imagine someone saying it really quickly because thats what it felt like when i wrote it out)!

So sunbites popcorn, maoam pinballs, hubba babba gum, dairy milk biscuits, shreddies granola (I seriously love this), cheese bites, bananas, are all some of my favourite foods.

And we recently got a new coffee machine, so caramel lattes are now my favourite drink (which i like to have in my favourite coffee mug, obviously)!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and don’t forget to check back for another post soon!

Love Milalor X x X x