It happened again…

It happened again…

I swear that every time i try and get back into writing something always gets in the way! I know that i promised daily blogs while i was away but we arrived in our resort and there was no wifi, obviously! But i still wrote the posts up in my phone so i’ll just publish them daily from now. So I’m sorry about that! I was really annoyed though because i got all excited about publishing travel blogs, but there was honestly no way i could post them. Unless I wanted to pay $2 every day for 1 hour of internet (which didn’t even work because i tried it once)! So below this little paragraph is a post about traveling to the airport and going on the plane and that sort of stuff. I hope you all enjoy!

Holiday Time…

Finally finally finally! Time for my holiday. If you know me you will know that i love going on holiday, literally love it. Every year in the summer we (by we i mean me and my family) go away on a two week holiday, this year we have gone to Cuba, which is super exciting. And this year i decided to write up a travel diaries sort of thing because its nice to look back on, and also it makes up some pretty cool posts!

So the only bad thing so far (now that I’m home i find it quiet funny how i thought the only bad thing was the flight because things got far far worse)! is the flight. Because i live in the Uk it takes about 10 hours. And I don’t love flying at the best of times so defiantly not a long haul one. But when we went to go board the plane, as a surprise my mum told us that she upgraded our seats, so that was super exciting. So we were at the front of plane and had loads of legroom!

We flew from Manchester and surprisingly I didn’t actually buy anything from the airport, unlike me! To be honest we didn’t really have much time because it took hours to get through security. But we did manage to find time to grab a little bit of breakfast which was yum!

I was looking through the shopping magazine on the plane but I couldn’t find anything i fancied buying, maybe on the way back i’ll find something I like!  We’ve just had our dinner, and i had this beef with a bit of pasta, its plane food so its not that yum but it will do. Ive watched quiet a few films, my favourite being crazy, stupid,love which i would recommend.

In tomorrows post i’ll do about arriving in the hotel and all of that stuff.

So bye for now,

Milalor X x X x




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