Number 7 mascara review

Number 7 mascara review

I know that I promised a shopping haul and i will post that in the next few days. I just need to take a few more pictures for it. So today I decided on doing a review on my number 7 mascaras. Give this post a like if you enjoyed it!

Now they didn’t actually come as a set of 2 but thats how i like to use them. One of them is called Lovely lashes, for glossy natural volume. And the other is the midnight lash, for spectacular volume.

The Lovely lash one i use on my lower lashes because i prefer a soft natural look for them. And then the midnight lash one on my upper lashes. Sometimes I use both on my upper lashes, it just depends on the look. And can I just say that the wand for this one has to be my favourite.

I got them both in my beauty advent calendar last year. But the individual price for them is around £12 each.  I would defiantly recommend them.

The only problem with the Midnight lash one is that it’s a little bit clumpy. So i take a eyebrow brush to get the lumps out. I know that it sound weird but trust me, it does the job!

*Sorry that the images are from my other make up post. I don’t have the products with me to take new pictures!

I’ll leave a link here for the Midnight lash and the Lovely lashes mascaras incase you want to go and buy them.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another post!

Milalor X x X x


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