I love weekends. Well by that i mean Friday night and Saturday, they are defiantly my favourite. I don’t know if i like Sundays or not.  I just feel like its a strange day. I like the morning part because you cant just stay in bed until you want but i’m not a fan of the evening. I feel like Sundays are my productive day, like this the day i get everything done. What about you? Whats your favourite day?

Anyway the point in this blog is that i wanted to share with you all my weekend routine. Now i’ve never seen one of these routine things before but i might be wrong! Tell me in the comments your favourite thing to do on the weekend!

After school on a friday i get home and check my blog and emails. I’m the sort of person that lies to have all the emails go into folders. So i have like notifications in one emails int he other and so on. Usually on a Friday we go out for dinner or go to the pub or something like that. I really like doing this because it just gets me out of the house and outside (i guess you could say).

Then on a Saturday I’m usually left in the morning because my brother has football matches in the morning. So i’m really bad and don’t usually get up till like 10, which i know is terrible because i’m the sort of person that likes to get up to have the day. Except for obviously a Saturday… Anyway then we usually do something like shopping or go out somewhere. Near where i live theres a shopping outlet and that is 100% my favourite place to go shopping.  Then when we get back we either go out for dinner, have people round or go to someones house or to a party. As you can probably tell over the weekend we don’t really eat in by ourselves, which i don’t mind because i like to be with others.

Sundays are my organising day. Thats the day i do my homework and write up some blogs and reply to any comments or emails. Then i got to the supermarket and do the weekly shopping with my mum, which i can say isn’t the funnest thing i get up to. Then the rest of the day is spent not doing much unless we have something specific on. We always have  a homemade dinner on a Sunday then when thats done we watch call the midwife. Which if you didn’t know is my favourite program.

I hope you all liked this post and don’t forget to keep checking back for another post soon!

Lots of love

Milalor X x X x


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