Its Finally Spring!

Its Finally Spring!

Spring is one of my favourite seasons. I love all the flowers and plants and colours. And the fashion, thats probably my favourite part. Although i have to admit my favourite season for fashion has to be Autumn with all the burgundy colours. And all the animals like lambs. Flowers like Daffodils and Blossom…

Anyway I’m sorry i haven’t posted in what feels like ages! Ive been to centre parcs over the past weekend end but I’m back now!  It was really nice. The cabin we had was really modern and pretty. We spent most of our time in the swimming pool or bar but oh well…

And 2 days ago it was my 2 year anniversary on WordPress so thats exciting!

I just made this post to tell you all where i and been and there should be a new post going up in a few days.

Tell me your favourite season in the comments.

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x

Oh and i was thinking of posting my birthday cake recipe tomorrow, if it goes to plan when I make it! So give this post a like if you would like to see that.


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