Avon True colour eyeliner review

Avon True colour eyeliner review

Recently on my make up routine post that i posted a few days ago i told you all about the eyeliner that i’ve been using. And I thought because I love it so much i would do a review blog post on it. So if you enjoyed this post give it a like and comment and if you haven’t already follow the blog!

So i got this eyeliner for Christmas and i’ve already run out. Well actually I think i run out a week or two ago but oh well. I have ordered another one from avon actually thought so hopefully i’ll get that in a few weeks. It’s half price at the minuet so i think that it’s £3, meant to be £6. I get mine in the shade jet black. Honestly without a doubt i can say that this is the best eyeliner I’ve ever owned. Personally i’m not great at applying eyeliner but i can apply this one really easily. Its not quiet a pen but its also not a pencil, it’s in the middle so i don’t know lets just say thats it’s like a crayon i guess. So i would defiantly recommend this to someone who 1. Isn’t great at applying eye liner (like myself) or 2. someone who wants just a good quality eyeliner.                                                                                It’s one of them ones where you have to wind it up from the bottom to get more of it out. The only problem i find with this is that i kept on snapping it, but then again i’m clumsy so what can i expect really. Below i’ve attached some pictures so that you can see the shade and whatever, and the applicant part. (that sounds so posh and i didn’t mean for it to be).

If you want to buy this eyeliner then i’ll leave a link here for you all.   I think that this is the right one!

Milalor X x X x


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