Embarrassing stories..

Embarrassing stories..

I thought that today i would tell you all some embarrassing stories! Tell me in the comments some of your embarrassing stories and give this post a like if you enjoyed it.

I went skiing in December and it was my first time. I’m quiet a clumsy person as well so I was surprised i didn’t end up in hospital or anything like that. So anyway because it was my first time me (and the people i went with) went to ski school. Now I thought that i found it really easy. This was probably because i only learnt the easy stuff.  So the next day I went up to the top of the chair lift with my mum, to go down the blue run. Got to the the top of the ski lift and long story short couldn’t get off. Therefore they had to stop the whole entire ski lift just so that i could get off. Once i was off i slipped on a tiny patch of ice and boom. Down the hill i went. My skis came of, i lost my poles. And i just tumbled all the way down the hill. In the end i just gave up trying to stop myself and i just let myself roll. Luckily though i didn’t hurt my self but still it was pretty embarrassing!

The next one isn’t really embarrassing but i thought that i would share it with you anyway. When i was in reception the ‘thing’ then was at lunchtime, to go back into the classroom and cut your hair. I feel like everyone gave themselves a hair cut when they were younger. Anyway i went into the classroom with my friend and we hid under the table and just cut our hair. Then I remember coming out of school and my mum was like what have you done!? Then i like half cried, half laughed. For the rest of that month i had to wear a headband to cover it up.

When i was something like 2 years old, i used to be obsessed with the nursery rhyme humpty dumpty. So one day while my mum was in the shower i decided to grab her red lipstick and draw humpty dumpty on her white bathroom wall. Which can i just say i thought that actually that was quiet clever because you know i drew humpty dumpty on the wall. Literally. My mum didn’t think it was that clever though..

If you liked this post give it a like. And if you want i could do another post like this because trust me i have got loads of embarrassing stories to tell all of you!

Milalor X x X x


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