My Updated Skin Care Routine

My Updated Skin Care Routine

So as promised here is my updated skin care routine. Don’t forget to give it a like if you enjoyed reading!

Now I’m no expert in skincare and in fact I’m pretty rubbish. I try and wash my face properly twice a day and remove all my make up of an evening but I hardly ever do. It’s just so much work to do all of that. However at the moment I’m currently enjoying doing my skin care routine.I mean there are still the odd days where i don’t do it but other than that I’m pretty good. Ive noticed a difference in my skin but it happened over time not over night though.

The first thing i do is dampen my face with cold water. I just use my hands to do this because i can’t be bothered to fuss around with a flannel. To be honest most of this routine is basically putting a bunch of products on my face and washing them off my with my hands. But oh well…

I use to have this really good triple action face wash which i completely loved, i think that it was by simple. But now, i’ve looked in every shop for it (well maybe not every shop) and i can’t find it anywhere. So i got this double action face wash which is a moisturising one which is from simple. I like to put this on and leave it for around 5 minuets so it soaks into my skin. While its soaking into my skin i usually brush my teeth or something like that.img_7031

Like I said I wash that off with cold water and my hands. Thats probably why my skin is all clogged up, because i wash it off with my hands, which are most likely covered in germs. Once thats al washed off I putt on my facial scrub. Its got tiny little bits of i don’t really know what they are but i think the purpose of them is to exfoliate the skin. I actually find this really relaxing so I would defiantly recommend. Again this is from simple.img_7032

I feel like everything mentioned in this post if from simple. It’s because when I brought it all there was some sort of offer on so i just grabbed pretty much everything. Also i have sensitive skin so simples good for that.

Anyway, i obviously wash that off with my hands and water. Because you know I’m so good at this whole skincare malarky. And I dry my face with a towel. Not any special towel just the bog standard hand towel.

When my face is completely dry and bright red because i would have pressed down on the towel really hard in hope that my face would dry quicker, i put on my facial toner. Again this is from simple. Apparently when you apply this you have to do it in a upwards motion. I don’t really understand why but you gotta do what you gotta do. I use a cotton bud to apply this. The only trouble with using a cotton bud is that the liquid makes the little fibres come out and go all over your face. Which is great.img_7033

Lastly i moisturise my face. And guess what?! My moisturiser isn’t from simple, its a tea tree product. I would attach a picture of this moisturiser but i’ve lost it so I’m not using that at the minuet…

So there was my skincare routine, which i barely ever do but have the products for it…

Don’t forget to check back for more posts!

Milalor X x X x


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