Everyday make up Routine

Everyday make up Routine

Hello everyone,

Like I promised here is my make up routine. Give this post a like if you liked it!

The first thing that i like to do is to put some primer on my face. The current primer I’m using is the number 7 air brush away primer. I got this in my number 7 beauty advent calendar. Its really good and i would defiantly recommend it!img_7008

Sometimes I put on my benefit Oxygen wow foundation but sometimes I don’t. I feel like this foundation makes my skin come out in little spots and it also adds a little bit of colour. So i don’t always use that foundation.img_6729

I use this 10 hour coverage concealer from super drug. I really like this one because i find that i covers up any blemishes really well. So yeah i would recommend this as well.img_6732

To set my foundation/concealer I use my benefit powder. I really like using powder because i find that it provides a good light coverage. So concealer and powder together make a good base I find.img_6728

Then to add a little bit of colour to my face I use a highlight and bronzer. I’ve got to pallets which I like to use for this. My face the day pallet, which I have done a review on that so go check that out or my lipsy London pallet. I really like both of these and they work well so i would recommend that.

Sometimes I put on my contour and highlight using my wonder stick. I got this for Christmas and it’s so useful. But sometimes the contour makes my skin go all blemishes and spotty so thats not too good. And it can feel a little bit cakey so you have to blend it really well and not use loads.

Then depending on how I’m feeling i will add a little bit of blush. I like to use either the number 7 blusher, the one in my face the day pallet or the one in my lipsey pallet. They are all really good however i would probably say that the number 7 one is my favourite!

So when I have got a little bit of colour on my face I fill in my brows. My brows are a really awkward shape to fill so i just have to kind of follow the hairs. I use the benefit brow pencil to do this. I find this really good for people who aren’t that great at filling in their brows (like me) or if you are looking for more of a natural look. It comes with a brow brush on the end so that you can sort of brush the colour through i guess.img_6730

Now i go onto my eyes. I have a lot of eye shadow so I don’t really have a favourite one as such. Although i rather do like the avon pallet that i got for Christmas. The ones in that pallet are pretty much my most used shades so i would probably say that one. Sometimes I do a smokey eye sometimes I don’t and i just go for one colour it all depends. 😉img_7009

Then i like to go onto my eye liner. The eye liner that i’am completely loving at the moment is the avon one which is amazing and I need to get another one because i haven’t got much left! Its super easy to apply which makes it the best. It’s not quite a pencil but it’s not a liquid pen, it’s in the middle.img_7010

I have a few mascaras that I like to use. The first one is from Avon and the reason i like the one is because it has a little dial on the bottom for the intensity i think. And the other one is the rimmel London mascara. It gives your lashes loads of volume and makes them pop out. I would defiantly recommend either of these.

The last thing i do is my lips. Now i don’t line my lips because i find that near enough impossible. So i just go onto lipstick or lipgloss. My favourite lipstick at the moment is the number 7 bright red one. I love red lipstick so thats defiantly a winner. And my favourite lip gloss if this natural colour one from autograph.

So there is my slightly updated makeup routine. I really like writing these so let me know if you would like more. Also if you haven’t already don’t forget to follow, we are so close to 100!

Bye for now

Milalor X x X x


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