My favourite places

My favourite places

Hello everyone,

I decided to write up a post on all my favourite places to go for a holiday or long weekend. Let me know in the comments your favourite places to go! And if you enjoyed this post give it a like.

  1. So my favourite place to go on a holiday is Jamaica. We went their for our summer holiday about 2 years ago and it was amazing! The hotel was so nice. It was on the beach and had loads of pools and a nice spa. We went on day trips to the waterfalls and to a national park. It’s a really nice country and because its small (er than other countries) we hired a driver to take us to some of the best places. Around the corner from our hotel there where some locals who had some little gift shops so that was fun to go to.
  2. Every year I go camping in Cornwall. I really like Cornwall. The beaches are lovely and  the scenery is just so pretty. Theres this pub that we go to which is over a cliff and on the beach. Thats a really good place to watch the sunsets. I like going shopping down the little streets by the beach. We always get the bus from our campsite to the shops and then go to the beach and get the bus back.
  3. Pretty much every year we go to Dubai. Dubai is really good for the site seeing and activities. Theres a water park and this jeep thing where you go over the sand dunes in jeeps. At night you can see all the lights from all of the sky scrapers, its so pretty.
  4. A few years ago we went to Florida to Disney and it was my absolute favourite holiday ever. I like the set of holidays where you get to do activities and stuff like that. Universal Studios was defiantly my favourite park.
  5. Another place that i really like to go to is Brighton. The shopping is great down the lanes and the pier is so fun! I feel like its such a pretty place.

Tell me in the comments your favourite holiday/place to go.

Milalor X x X x



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