Im sorry

Im sorry

Hello everyone,

Know I know its been ages since i’ve posted a blog and I’m really sorry about that but I’ve just been really busy lately. Don’t worry though, I’ve got a week of this week so I’m going to get loads of posts done for you all!

Anyway I figured id just write another chatty post if you like. I know i write these all the time but i enjoy this style post. I’ve got a make up post planned and a skin care routine post planned to go up over the next few days so do keep checking back for that. And if you have any blogs you’d like me to write tell me in the comments!

My mum got back from Italy the other week, she had to go for work, and brought me back this multi coloured pasta. It was so yummy. I cooked it up for dinner today and used it in my healthy pasta bake recipe. I’ll leave a link here incase you wanted to go and check it out. And she also brought back a whole tube of Orange smarties. I know that you can get tubes of the pink ones but i never knew you could get the orange ones.

I went shopping the other week and brought loads of new stuff so I’m thinking of doing a post on that. The only problem with them types of posts is that i have to upload loads of pictures and the way i do that is to do them on my phone upload them on my phone then edit them on my laptop. So thats why that style blog takes me a little longer to do.

Anyway dont forget to check back for more posts soon

Lots of love

Milalor X x X x


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