Whats my workout Routine?

Whats my workout Routine?

Hello everyone,

Now i don’t think that I’ve ever done a workout routine on my blog before so this is my first one! Suddenly out of no where I’ve got really into health and fitness. Like i’ve got this app (my fitness pal) on my phone that tracks my calorie in count and excessive. I feel like because its the start of the new year its a perfect time to set your fitness goals. My’n are just to workout everyday of the week, whether its a full routine or a session of yoga. But i feel with online workout routines there based on the middle scale. By this i mean the intensity of the workout isn’t easy nor really hard. And i don’t know about you but sometimes i want a slightly easier routine and others i might want a challenging one (although i will admit that rarely happens)! I thought that i would include different options for my workout routine, easier ones, middle ish ones and harder ones. So i hope you all enjoy this post and don’t forget to check back for another. And if you just want the workout moves and the amount of times you need to do them i changed the text colour to blue just for if you don’t want to read the whole thing!

Okay so first up in my workout routine i like to do some squats. I do 100 squats stopping for 10 seconds after 10. I feel like squats are a great little warm up piece and really strengthen up your leg muscles. The good this about this routine is that if your looking for a slightly easier one, you can half the amount you do. So instead of 100 do 50. By doing 100 squats you will burn 43 calories. Personally squats are one of my favourite work out things. If you are looking for more of a intense workout, on every tenth squat you could hold it for 10 seconds. It all depends on how hard you want to work.

I then like to move on to sit ups. I feel like i have a love/hate relationship with sit ups. Sometimes i find them really fun and others i hate them. But anyway in my routine i do 50 sit ups. Again if you are looking for a slightly easier workout only do 25 sit ups, but if you want more of a intense workout do 75. Sit ups really work your middle abs and all around that area. If you want you could add a twist with each sit up to work your sides as well.

I feel like its important to stretch your neck before you get fully into your routine. You’ve already stretched your legs and abs so now its important to do the rest. If can’t be bothered to do my own warm up i usually google one, there are some really good ones out there. But sometimes i do like to do my own. And for my own i start by rolling my neck forward and backward and side to side. Its important you don’t take your head all the way round though because you could catch a nerve and that hurts a lot. Then i just simply roll my shoulders round and round changing the direction. Then just to give your feet and ankles a little warm up you can just make circle shapes (so rotate them) with them just to flex them. 

Now you can get right into your workout. I start by doing 10 mountain climbers. Once I’ve done 10, i have a 10 second rest. After you’ve done a exercise i feel like its really important to give your body a quick break just so it can catch up with you if that makes any sense. As you can probably tell I’m not a expert in anything to do with fitness i just go along with it. You need to repeat your 10 mountain climbers 5 times. So in the end you do 50 mountain climbers with a 50 second rest. Again if you want to make this more tense do 75 in total and rest after 20 mountain climbers. And if you want it to be a little easier, do 30 with a 10 second rest in between 10.

Another one of my favourite exercises are leg raisers. What you have to do is lay down on your back and rise your knees into a table top position. Then keeping one knee in that position, take the other and lift it up and down. Not using your hands of anything just the strength in your core and upper leg.  I like to do 20 on each leg, stopping for a 10 second rest after 10.  If you want to make this slightly harder do 20 on each leg, but don’t rest after 10, keep going until you’ve done 20. And if you want this exercise to be easier, do 20 on each leg still but rest after 5.  Like i said before, this is the great thing about home workouts you can adapt them to fit you. These target your lower abs, and if you stick with them you will defiantly see results.

Then i like to do some burppies. (I have no idea on how to spell that)! I do 5 at a time, then rest for 10 seconds and repeat that until you have done 2o burppies. If you want to make this exercise easier still do 5 at a time, then rest for 15 seconds then repeat this 2 more times. but if you want to make this more intense then do 10 at a time with a 10 second rest and do this 3 times. So you do a total of 30 rather than 20. 

Thats pretty much my whole routine, once i’ve finished i just roll my neck and stretch out my arms and legs just to relax a little. 

Let me know in the comments if you would like some workout posts on specific body areas and that type of stuff.  I kind of enjoyed writing this post as well. I also wanted to do a post on healthy meal ideas and things like that. 

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x




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