Whats on my iPhone?

Whats on my iPhone?

hello everyone,

Today i decided to do one of those whats on my iPhone posts. So i hope you all enjoy…

So i have the iPhone 7, which i got for Christmas. I love it so much, its in rose gold.

My screen saver is just one of the pictures the iPhones come with because i couldn’t be bothered to change it. But my home screen is a picture of snowy mountains which i took out of a plane window. And that is one of my favourite pictures ever its so relaxing to look at.img_6875

On my little bit at the bottom i have the   email app, the  safari app  the  messages app and the phone app.img_6876

I am the set of person that likes to put their apps into folders, it just feels so much more organised. I also like to label my folders. Let me know if you are someone who has folders or if you are the sort of person that doesn’t. But yeah so all of my apps are in folders.

I dont really have many games on my phone, they take up a lot of storage space o i only have 3. But if I’m honest i don’t really play them

I like to keep all my social medias together. So i have my instagram,snapchat and Facebook. Don’t forget to follow our instagram milaloroffical_15.

And i really like photography at the minute so i have a folder on all my picture editing apps. I really like to use split pic to put more photos in one. Its really good for making collages and stuff like that.  I edited my screen saver on there.img_6877

My other apps are all online shopping things so not that interesting. One of them, called wish, is really good i order loads of things off there. Its really cheap as well so if anyone wants a good cheap online shopping app i would recommend wish. They sell literally everything.

I feel like this blog is a bit rushed but i have a better one comping out soon on what i got for christmas so keep checking back for that!

Lots of love,

Milalor X x X x

Oh and do you all like the new blog theme? I thought id better change the christmasy one!x


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