Hello everyone,

One thing about me is that I’m really bad at planning things. Which is why my blogs are always a jumble. Rarely do i ever put them up on time. Take this one for example it was meant to go up yesterday but its going up today. I feel like i would be better to sit down for like 1223474345 hours and just write all my blog posts for like 5 years. At least then it will always go up on time.

Anyway i was going to post a whats on my iPhone post but i forgot to attach pictures and actually to be honest forgot to finish it. But I’m going to finish that one tomorrow so then i can post it some time next week. Hopefully. So keep checking my blog for that!

What i actually wanted to tell you all about today is about my new favourite app. Im not sure if that made any sense but it did when i thought of it. This app is literally like my personal trainer. Basically it tracks your calories and exercise and weight lose/gain. Every time you eat something you scan the bar code then it tells you loads of information about that piece of food and all that type of stuff. It also tells you that if you stick to eating a certain amount of calories then this is how much weight you will lose by whatever time. So i would defiantly recommend that app for anyone trying to gain/lose/or maintain their weight

And i know that this blog is really short and rushed so I’m sorry! But sometimes i find it hard to fit blogging in when i have loads of other tings to do but i will try harder.

Milalor x X x X

*Stupid me just realised i never told you the name of that app, its called myfitnesspal (it is all one word)! xxx


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