10 Life hacks

10 Life hacks

Hello everyone,

So a while back now i done a post on my top 29 life hacks. Now i figured that it was about time i updated that post. So here is my 10 top life hacks… Or something like that.

If you like this style post here are some links to my other top 10 posts. here here here here and here. As you can see i have many.

  1. Use paper clips to organise your cables.
  2. Put pancake mixture into a empty ketchup bottle for a no mess experiance!
  3. Use nail polish to identify different keys.
  4. The you remove the stem from a strawberry, use a straw!
  5. When someone brows something of you, take a picture of them holding it that way you can remind them to give it back.
  6. Use your hair straighteners as collar straighteners when needing a quick fix.
  7. Stack your clothes vertically to see them all.
  8. Use a crab clip to organise long wires.
  9. Use toothpaste to clear up hazy headlights on you car.
  10. Use bread clips to organised/;able cables and wires.
  11. When heating up left overs, make a circle in the middle so it heats up evenly.
  12. Use binder clips to fix broken keyboard feet.
  13. When you cut onions chew gum, apparently it stops you crying.
  14. When lighting a candle, burn a long stick of spaghetti so you won’t burn yourself.
  15. Take a big bottle and mark how much water you need to drink by a certain time.
  16. Use a muffin tray to serve sauces and dips at a party.
  17. Use a clothes peg to hold a nail while hammering it.
  18. When trying to microwave 2 things at a time, balance one on a mug.

Okay so i went a little bit over 10 but oh well! Tell me in the comments some of your favourite life hacks.

Lots of love,

Bye for now,

Milalor x X x X


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