1O thing that i love about winter.

1O thing that i love about winter.

Hi everyone,

So today i thought that i would write a post telling you all why i love winter. So don’t forget to tell me in the comments why you love or hate winter.

  1. I like the cold. So i know that sounds weird but i do. In the summer it gets so hot and uncomfortable. Especially at night where i won’t be able to sleep because its too hot. Whereas in the winter its cold, so you can snuggle up in a extra blanket.
  2. Hot chocolates. In winter time hot chocolates are the best thing ever. I literally live off them!
  3. Warm baths. When its cold outside a warm bath with a nice wintery bath bomb is the best. Especially when you wrap up in your hot towel after.
  4. Sweaters. Sweater style tops are my favourite thing to wear. Them with a pair of jeans, winter boots and a thick winter coat is just so cozy.
  5. Cozy socks. I love cozy socks, i own a ridiculous amount of them. I think one day I’m going to have to do a whole post dedicated to my collection of them!
  6. Fire places. Theres just something about fireplaces that make them so cozy. I love a real fireplace. At home we have a fake one but thats good enough still.
  7. Pyjamas. I love wearing pyjamas. As soon as i get home from a busy day i put on my cozy pjs. I own so many different pairs. I really like the fleece ones that you can get. And the linen ones in the summer.
  8. Christmas. I mean like you only get Christmas in the winter, not summer. Unless you are in the southern hemisphere that is. See that little geography fact right there.
  9. Pumpkin spice lattes. Enough said.
  10. Snow. Okay so in England we don’t get much of it, but when we do it makes everything look so pretty and festive. I love looking at pictures of snow flakes (the ones that are really close up so that you can see every little detail on them).

So there is 10 things i love about winter. What do you love about winter?

Lots of love,

Milalor X x X x


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