New years day

New years day

Guys its the first of January! How exciting is that!I cant believe its now 2017! Last year went so quick.

Let me know in the comments any new years resolutions you made. If your stuck and cant think of any click here to see my post on some good new year resolutions that you can make. Personally this year if i’m honest i’ve kind go given up on them. I never stick to them so i didn’t come up with any.

New years day for me is a bit of a nothing day. After last night everyone is always so tired and hungover (i don’t drink so obviously i’m not hungover) so nothing really ends up happening. I remember last year we had this massive party at our house and the last people left at 5 in the morning. So we didn’t get much sleep. But new years eve is always a fun night!

Like i’ve said we are skiing at the moment and the resort we are staying in had a gala night last night so that was fun. I wore a burnt orange coloured pinafore style dress with a white blouse underneath. And because it was cold, a jacket! I mean it was good but nothing spectacular. We stayed up quiet late, i think we got to bed at 4 o’clock. So i’m writing this part of the post like minuets before i’m meant to upload it so its a bit of a rush.

We were saying last night how we wonder what it’s like to have a birthday on new years day. Its must be pretty horrible considering that after last night everyone is going to be so tired and worn out. Your going to have to let me know in the comments if your birthday is on new years day.

Anyway i’m going to end this post here as i’m really tired and about to attempt to go out skiing, so that will be fun.

Lots of love,

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x


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