Chatty post

Chatty post

Hello everyone,

I feel like i really need to find some other blog ideas other than chatty post. But then  again i really like to write chatty posts.Hopefully i don’t bore you all with them! I like to just sit and write about things that have been going on. So i hope that you all enjoy….

I am currently skiing. Which is both exciting and scary. Exciting because its skiing and scary because its skiing! No well i mean that I’m a clumsy person and the though of skiing is kind of daunting. We got here two days ago, i think I’m going alright at it but who knows. I’ve never been skiing before so apparently Andorra is a good place for people who have never been before.  The slopes are really small so its easy!

I hope that you all had a good Christmas! My’n was really good. When i get back i’m going to do a whole post on what i got so i’m not going to write about what i got. Tell me in the comments what you got for Christmas.  But it was so lovely. We were at our house on Christmas day then my nan’s on boxing day! Now i am not a fan of Christmas dinner, are you? I feel like its all hot and in your face and theres always so much of it. So i had mash potato and a yorkshire pudding. Mash potato is one of my absolute favourite foods.

To get to the place we are skiing it took ages to finally get her. We flew into Barcelona (from the UK), so then had to get the bus to Andorra, which can i just say took 4 hours. Then yesterday we got into our ski wear and i literally looked like a umpa lompa! The trousers are so thick and then the jacket and boots! Ugh! I hate it. But its a laugh, especially when you get there and realise that actually no one there can ski. You don’t end up feeling like the only one.

I know this wasn’t a long post but i’m away at the minuet and don’t have my laptop with me so i’m having to do it on my phone where the wifi is rubbish. So again sorry it’s not very long.

Bye for now,

Lots of love,

Milalor X x X x


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