Winter Make up Routine

Winter Make up Routine

Hello everyone,

So as i promised here is my winter make up routine. If you want to see my other make up routine click here or here! Let me know what you think!

I start by washing my face with my simple face wash. I like to massage it into my skin because i find that it works a lot quicker that way.

Then i like to put on my number 7 day cream. I actually got this out of my beauty calendar so click here if you want to see a review on it. So i massage this onto my skin before i put on my primer.

My primer again is this no7 one. It actually works really well as a foundation base.

Then i use my new benefit foundation. I blend this in with my beauty blender. I find this foundation really good so i would defiantly recommend it. Its blends really easily and doest feel like your wearing any. Before this one i had a really cheap foundation so you can really tell the difference from that to a more higher end one. So the extra money really does pay off. I have a review here of this and my brow pencil, so click the link to see that. img_6729

Once i’ve done that i put on this concealer. I would tell you where it’s from but i honestly have no idea. I think its was a cheaper one though but i find that it works perfectly. Again i blend this in with my beauty blender. I honestly don’t know what i would do without my beauty blender!img_6732

Once the base of my face is all done i go onto my eyebrows. My eyebrows are really hard to shape and fill in because they are such a awkward shape. But i still like to try. The eye brow pencil i use is this one from benefit  and it was £18 ish.  Its comes with the pencil on one end and a eyebrow brush on the other. I find it easier to fill in my eye brows then brush the colour through. I would defiantly recommend this for someone who finds it a bit difficult to do their brows.img_6730

I then like to do my contour and highlight. To do this i use my face the day pallet. I go on about this wayyy to much. But i really love it. To blend in my highlight and contour i use my blending brush.img_6727

Then just around the bottom of my cheek i put on a little bit of blusher. I use the same brush i used for my highlight and contour.img_6731

Then i like to move onto my eyes. Personally i really like to do a smokey eye. To do this i use these shades in the picture below.  Its the two shades above blusher and the two next to the blusher.  img_6727

The mascara i use is either a waterproof one or my number 7 one. They are both in a dark black.

In the winter i LOVE  a red lip. I would put on a picture bit my red lipstick is such a state theres lipstick everywhere.

I love reading make up routine blogs so i really wanted to do another one for all of you to read so i really hope you all enjoy it.

Lots of love,

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x



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