Christmas eve….

Christmas eve….

Hello everyone,

Its almost christmas! Im so excited i can’t wait! I’ve got all my presents wrapped up and ready to go! Are you all done? So because i’ve done a christmas day routine i thought that i might do one on christmas eve. Let me know in the comments your christmas eve routine!

Pretty much most christmas eves my mums at work but this ear, because it’s a Saturday she’s not so thats good. We are all home!

In the morning we always lay our table ready for Christmas. For  the past few years we’ve gone out for diner as it saves all the washing up and cooking. But this year we decided to stay at home which I’m actually looking forward to being at home on christmas. So we lay the table in the morning. We ave candles along the table and do little table place name. There quiet a few of us this year so I’m not to sure how we are all going to get round the table but we will work it out.

Once our tables placed we watch a christmas film. My favourite christmas film is 100% elf. Tell me your favourite christmas film in the comments, i know you all have one!

Then around 2 o’clock we go to this pub hall thing with all of my mum and dads friends. Its really nice and it’s like a little get together. I love it when it gets all dark outside its so magical. Sometimes the space station goes over and we always tell the younger kids that its santa in his sleigh, they all get so excited. Its really cute.

Then on the way home we get a Chinese for dinner. We have had a chinese every single year from what i can remember.

Then after that we pretty much go to bed!

So that was my christmas eve routine! Whats yours!

Lots of love,

Milalor X x X x




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