Cozy things!

Cozy things!

Hello everybody,

So i decided to write a blog post on how to make your house/room that little bit cosier. Comment down below any of your ideas!

My number 1 thing to do is to put fairy lights all around your room. I like the warmer shaded ones just because they make everything so cozy. And not only that but they make everything so pretty as well. You can pretty much get fairy lights from every store.

I also find that scented candles make everything so cozy. Especially this time of year where its so cold outside. Personally my favourite scented candle is defiantly the cinnamon ones because they literally smell of Christmas. Whats your favourite scent?

All around my house there are lots of blankets. Blankets are the best thing that was ever created. My favourite blanket is one where it is covered in fur, its so warm and snuggly. But yeah blankets all around the house will defiantly make everything that little bit cosier.

I guess cozy socks shouldn’t really count but I’m going to include them anyway. Cozy socks are my favouritist thing ever. I own so many pairs. As soon as i get home from being any wear i always put on my cozy socks. It;s so nice when the floor is all cold but you are walking around in your cozy socks.

For this time of year i feel like christmas trees make everything cozy. Especially real ones. I have a real one but i did use to get a fake one. The smell of them is just the best thing ever. Tell me what tree you have, real or artificial. I like a neatly decorated tree just because i like everything to be organised.

I know this is more of a shorter blog but hopefully its still alright. I should have a winter make up routine and a make up product review comping up soon so keep checking the blog for them.

Lots of love,

Bye for now

Milalor X x X x


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