Winter outfits

Winter outfits

Hello everyone,

So because lots of you seemed to like my posts on fashion and clothes (heres the link if you haven’t seen it already) i thought that i would do another one but this time on my favourite winter outfits. Tell me in the comments your favourite winter outfit. And give this post a like if you enjoyed it!

Okay so first of all my favourite thing to wear in the winter is a sweater. I feel like you can wear a sweater with absolutely anything, from skirts to trousers they look good with anything. Personally my favourite outfit is my colour block sweater and my denim skirt. I pair this with a pair of thick tights and my burgundy chelsea boots. I feel like this outfit is so autumny i love it.

I sometimes also pair this top with a pair of black jeans…..

Now another one of my favourite outfits is this… A pair of burgundy jeans, with this little sweater and my burgundy boots and a wrap. Don’t worry the burgundy are all different shades.

This outfit is more of one of my relaxed out fits. It’s just a pair of joggers paired with a long sleeved top. Then i wear my fleece jacket and a pair of black pumps.

I hope you all liked the blog and don’t forget to come back for another soon.

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x



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