Shopping Haul thing…

Shopping Haul thing…

Hello everyone,

So i have had this post sitting in my drafts ready to be published for a few weeks now so i thought that i would share it with you all today!!!

On saturday i went shopping! I love shopping, its like my favourite thing to do. Even if i don’t buy anything i still like it. But this weekend i did actually buy things. A bit of a mixture of things to be honest like i got some christmas presents so things for my self and other little bits. But i thought that i would do a little post on the things that i brought. So give this post a like and tell me in the comments your favourite shop. (my’n is primark)!

So the first shop i went in was new look. Now i did try on A LOT of stuff but i only brought one thing, grey high waisted jeans. Personally i prefer high waisted jeans just because i find they fit better and are a lot comfier than low rise ones. And these cost me £20.00.

When i went into primark i thought i was going to come out with like a whole basket of stuff but i didn’t actually get that much. I got a few christmas presents and i got my self this cozy little sweater. Sweaters are my favourite thing to wear in the winter cos you can pretty much just wear them with anything. Like a denim skirt or a pair of jeans.  But yeah so i got this dusky pink cozy sweater. It says ‘2458 likes’ and it costed only £5.00.

Then i brought part of my mums christmas present which was this pair of memory foam slippers in a camel shade. And these were £4.00, i think thats why i love primark so much as there prices are so cheap.

Then as a little joke type of present i got my nan this leopard print purse. I don’t think she will use it but it was for a joke. Like almost everything she owns is pretty much leopard print even though she swears she doesn’t like the print! And this was meant to be £4 but it was half price so it was £2! But as i say it is for a joke….

The last thing i brought in primark was part of my brothers christmas present.  And that was this aftershave. Now i must admit i don’t know what this was going to smell like as for £3.50 i wasn’t sure if it was going to be alright. But it actually smelt alright. But to be honest i don’t really know what a good after shave smells like but to me it was fine.

I didn’t buy much else except from a new concealer that i needed. But superdrug had sold out of the one i usually get so i got this one instead. And it was quite cheap compared to my usual one. I think it was £2.99.

Anyway that was what i got on my little shopping spree!! I hope you all enjoyed reading!

Bye for now,

Mialor X x X x


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