Hello everyone,

So I am so sorry that I haven’t been posting recently, I’ve been really busy doing loads of Christmas stuff and getting organised.

Anyway on Monday it was my birthday 🎉! And so I thought I would tell you all what I got. I’ll do another post on what my friends got me because I have some pictures for that. But unfortunately I haven’t got any pictures of what my family got me so I’m gonna have to try and explain it. 😂

So I’ll start with what my parents/brother got me…

When I was shopping the other week I saw these really nice pair of ankle boots that were really nice. They were a nice tan colour with a zip down the side. And so my mum and dad got them for my birthday.

Another thing they got me was a holister hoodie. I love holister and this hoodie is so nice, it has little sparkles on it! My mum actually got this in Sweden when she had to go with her work. But apparently it’s cheaper out there so if you want a holister hoodie at a cheaper price just go to Sweden! 😂😂

My mum also got me a little pompom hat. It’s a mustardy colour and it’s so pretty. It’s going to be really good for when we go skiing 🎿.

Then as a like main present she got me tickets to go see a concert. I don’t know who to go see though so let me know any of your recommendations!

I got a a lot of clothes and make up but I won’t bore you all going into detail about all that. I might in the new year to A what I got for my birthday and Christmas clothes/make up edition! As I feel like there’s going to be a lot.

I also got some money to go get all new make up which I think im going to do this week end.

So that was what I got for my birthday this year! Tell me in the comments when your birthday is.

Another I wanted to say is that there’s 10 days till Christmas! Like where have all the other days gone?!

And sorry for all the emojis! I’m using my phone to write this (usually I use my laptop because there’s a bigger screen) so I thought why not use them.😂💜👍🏻

Anyway don’t forget to come back Tomorow as there will DEFINATLY BE A BLOG!!! 💞

Bue for now,

Lots of love,

Milalor x X x X


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