So i went shopping

So i went shopping

Hello everyone,

So yesterday i went on a little shopping spree! I just basically brought the rest of everybody christmas present. And so i wanted to share with you what i brought! Oh and don’t forget that we are on instagram, make sure you give us a follow for regular updates! Our instagram is milalorofficial_15

Back to what i was saying, i went shopping and brought some presents, blah blah blah… And here is what i brought…..

So from tiger i basically brought my cousins christmas presents, now my cousins are 11 and 5 so i find tiger a great shop to find things for them. Now i only got part of there presents from there because I’ve ordered a joint type present online. And that hasn’t been delivered yet so hopefully it comes soon.

So for one of my cousins i got this type of spongey modelling clay in 4 different colours. And that was £4.00!

Then for my other cousin i got this really cool shoe pencil case, the little animal pen and the 2 set sword pencils. The pencil case was £3, the pen was £1 so was the set of pencils. I actually thought the pencils were really cool reuse they had little swords on the top as rubbers so i hope that he likes them!

Then i went into primark were to be honest i brought most of my presents. So here is what i brought….

3 pairs of slippers which were £4 each. They look really comfy because they have like memory foam inside.

Then i got these snazzy pair f socks which were £6. Now they actually feel so soft and cozy so they are good for the price. Oh yeah and i got 4 pairs in there.

Then i was a little bit hesitant about buying this next one. It was a aftershave that i was going to get for my brother. But luckily they had a little tester bottle so i could see what it smelt like and it was actually alright. For £2.50 i thought well i might as well  just get it!!

Then this leopard print is more of a joke present for my nan because she owns so much leopard print. I only got it because it was in the sale for £1 to £2.

Then i went into tesco just to get this selection thing of sweets. The Maltese’s were £3 the rest was £2. I would show the other thing that i got but i cant yet because the person its for might be reading this.

Oh and i also went into this candle shop were i brought these 2 candles for £9.00 each.

And so that is what i got on my little shop. I hope you all enjoyed this post and don’t forget to come back tomorrow!!!

Bye for now,

Lots of love

Milalor X x X x



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