What is my favourite blog?

What is my favourite blog?

Hello everyone,

So i wanted to tell you all about one of my favourite blogs on wordpress. So the blog is called asliceoflife and hopefully if you click on their name it should load up.

Anyway back to what i was saying, they only started their blog in mid November and i think that they would really appreciate it if you gave their blog a follow and a like or comment! If you like my blog then you will defiantly like theirs. They do posts on how to decorate your house for Christmas to a guinea pig routine. So you should defiantly go check it out.

I know that todays post isn’t very long but i just wanted to tell you all a little bit about the blog. And tell me in the comments 1) what your favourite blog is and 2)any questions you have for my q&a that i MIGHT do.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a bit of a longer post.

Lots of love,

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x


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