Blog update

Blog update

Hello everyone,

So it’s been a while since i have done a little type of update on the blog. So i figured that today was the day that i do one. I think i might turn it into a chatty type of post in the end so be sure to keep reading…..

So for starters we are so so so close to 70 followers. Some of you would read that and think 70 thats not very many followers but to me its loads. Like 70 people actually follow and read this blog. If I’m honest at first i didn’t think we would ever get to 10!

Now i know i say this at the end of every post but everyday till christmas there is a post going up at 2:30 uk time. So make sure you dont miss it!

Another thing is that i think i might do a q&a. But I’m not to sure. But if you do have a question write it in the comments and who knows i might just write one up…. (wink, wink)

And i was thinking about after christmas about how many times you want me to post a week. Let me know…….

Sometimes i find it really hard to think of something to write about. Like i feel like  write the same thing over and over again but then i guess each time its different. Sometimes i will have loads of ideas and i’ll write them all down and start writing. But others i literally can’t think of anything. So i have invested in a little idea planner. I know it sounds so stupid but seriously it helps. You cat just write down any ideas you have and the when your stuck for one there they are……

And I’m so excited for christmas. Its so close and i have got everyones christmas present sorted. I am one of those people that likes to sort everything out early. Then its all done until you need to wrap them. Which brings me onto another thing which is that fact that I’m rubbish at wrapping presents. I dont know why i just dont have the ability to wrap neatly.

Sorry this was a shorter post but i promise theres a good one tomorrow. And dont forget that if you have a question for my q&a tell me in the comments! Oh and dont forget to follow our instagram milalorofficial_15

lots of love,

bye for now

Milalor X x X x


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