What i want for christmas…

What i want for christmas…

Hello everyone,

So you’ve probably like read the title and thought something like why as someone written a blog on what they want for christmas! And if I’m honest i dont know why really i just ‘felt like it’!! But i guess you could consider this a review type post?! Anyways tell me in the comments what YOU want for christmas!!!

So one thing i really want is the Marc Jacobs daisy perfume. We went into this perfume shop yesterday and i loved the smell of it. Its a really sweet floral type smell and its just really nice. I also love the little bottle it comes in, with the 3 daisies on top. Its like soooo vintage. I feel like I’m really getting into the whole vintage thing at the moment.

And i really want one of those tartan print scarves. I think they are just really pretty. Especially the ones with the orange and white stokes in.

I found this really nice make up set of wish the other day. It had every shade of eyeshadow you could possibly think of. I really like shopping on wish though. If you dont know what it is its a online shopping app. I think most of the things come from china though so order in advance!!! But they literally sell everything. You are all probably thinking that I’m like advertising for them, i promise I’m not i just really like it!

I also really want a new hair curler. I do have on but its really old and doesn’t really heat up  properly anymore. Has anyone else ever had that problem? Its so annoying. Although I’ve got to admit i really ought to stop using so much heat on my hair. Its really drying it out. Them problem i have is that i wash my hair, they blow dry it, the go over it with the straighteners or a curler. I really need to wash it and let it dry.

Because my birthdays in december (the 12th to be exact)! I asked for some new make up products. Mine are all really old now. My mascaras got clumps in and lipsticks are dried out so i thought that i would take this opportunity to get some more. But as a earlier birthday present i got the number 7 beauty calendar. So you get loads of really good products in that. I was thinking of doing a review on that actually so let me know if thats something you would like. I might do one for a few days time, just so that it gives me a few products to review.

Sorry if this got a bit ramberly in some places. I get a bit carried away. There will be another post going up tomorrow. I was thinking either a winter make up look or a kind of christmas present haul so let me know what you would prefer.

Lots of love

Bye for now

Milalor X x X x

And yes i used the same featured image as yesterday because 1 i took that picture, 2 i really like it, 3 its christmasy and 4 i have no other image to use!!!



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