Little tree

Little tree

Hello everyone,

So i put my little Christmas tree up in my bedroom yesterday! I always put one up in the living room but i haven’t got around to doing that just yet. But i thought for this little post i would show you what my tree looks like.  Now that sounds really weird, i promise its not! But let me know if you would like me to do a similar post when my ‘main’ Christmas tree is up as i have got quite a few decorations for that one.

Anyway for the little tree in my bedroom i just got a 4 foot one. Oh yeah, and its artificial so not real, it looks real though like it literally looks like a fresh new alive Christmas tree! Its got little brown streaks through it so it just gives it that extra look! But the tree costed £15 from wilko. In fact saying that pretty much everything for my little bedroom tree was from wilko! I was going to attach a picture of it but then i realised that i forgot to take the picture before  started decorating it. Whoops…….

Then the lights for my tree were also form wilko! They were £6 and are battery powered. Can i just say that they are soooooo pretty. When Christmas is over, i think I’m just going to use them as a regular window decoration if I’m honest. Heres a picture of what they look like. They are almost little bull bulbs with tiny designs and lights inside.  (That close up shot took AGES to get the right focus).

Personally, i am not a massive fan of tinsel on my tree only because it goes everywhere. So i just put on some simple bull bulbs. And they came in a set of 9 for just £1!

And that is all i got on my tree. I have got a star from the top but i have no clue as to were its gone.

Dont forget to check back tomorrow for another post. I was thinking of doing  a beauty calendar review thing a bit later in the month. So let me know what you think on that.

Lots of love,

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x


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