A guide to finding the perfect present

A guide to finding the perfect present

Hello everyone,

Today i wanted to do a little quick post on a type of guide into finding someone the perfect present. Let me know in the comments what you want for christmas!

  • Find out what they like/are into. For instance if they like things like make up then you could get them a make up themed present.
  • Set a budget. If your like me you will keep picking up things for someones present because you think they will like them. Then you realise your around £40 over your set budget!
  • Ask them what they want. Obviously by getting them something they have asked for they are going to defiantly like it.
  • Considered options. Sometimes i like to go for more of a meaningful gift. Like a bunch  of pictures of you together, i feel like this is just a really nice touch.
  • If your buying them something with a group of friends all put in. This way you can get them something maybe a little more expensive.

I know this was only a small post but i hope you all enjoy it!

Bye for now

Milalor X x X x


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