Bad theatre experience….

Bad theatre experience….

Hello everyone,

Recently it was my brother’s birthday and i just wanted to do a post on what we got up to and trust me its quite interesting . Let me know in the comments when your birthday is! (mine is December 12th so not far…).

Anyway his birthday was on the 2nd of November so a few weeks ago. I think i mentioned this on my other post but i will say it again anyway. I got him this david beckham gift set from superdrug and that costed about £5. I’ll attach a picture below. My brother really likes things like this so i knew he would like it. When i brought it he was actually with me but my mum took him round the corner of the shop to show him something so i could quickly buy it. Then i also brought him this massive box of sweets because you know who doesn’t like sweets!!!

But anyway for his birthday the whole family got tickets to go see charlie and the chocolate factory in London, then to go out for dinner. If you didn’t know already i don’t live to far from London so it didn’t really take long to get there. But yeah so we go to our seats and behind us these two little kids. Now that wasn’t really the problem, the kids started screaming and kicking the backs of our seats. But just to make things worse one of the kids decided to take their juice and squeeze it over the person i was with head. So yeah as you could imagine that was just great!!!!

So it got to half time and we went to find out if could move seats, as you would. Now there was 6 of us so we didn’t get our hopes up to much as that was quiet a lot to find seats for so we could all sit together. However they did manage to find seats and they were actually better ones than the ones we were originally given. So we got to our new seats and they were alright. They were really close to the front to they had a good view. Sitting not next to me but the seat after that was a little toddler, which was fine. But that little toddler decide to wee everywhere. So that was a pretty disastrous experience!

Have you ever had something like this happen to you? Tell me in the comments if you have!

Lots of love,

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x


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