Favourite hairstyles…

Favourite hairstyles…

Hello everyone,

Today i wanted to do another post on different hair styles as i realised i hadn’t done one for a while. Let me know in the comments your favourite hair style!

So my all time favourite is a really nice tight curl. The good thing about a tight curl is that through out the day it starts to drop and it just looks really pretty.  To get a tight curl i will either use my straighteners or curler.

Another hairstyle i like to do is a side bun. But i put a little twist on it, a dutch braid going down from the opposite side. A dutch braid is a inverted french braid. So basically you do this then tie it in a little side pony tail on the side of your face. Wrap your hair around into a little bun thing. Secure with bobby pins and spritz with hair spray. To finish the look you can pull out any wispy bits you may have. I always do this just because i feel it gives that something extra.

I also like to wear a normal basic top not bun. If my hair needs a wash then this is what i usually do. Again i pull out my wispy bits to give it a finished look.

A hairstyle i have recently been loving is two dutch braids, on either side of my head. Like i said before a dutch braid is literally a inverted french braid. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do a post on how to do different types of braids!

I also like to clip back the 2 front sections of my hair and just leave my fringe down. I feel like this is a really pretty look for when you have freshly washed hair.

Half up half down is also another one of my favourite hairstyles. They are just really easy to do as they take minuets and it gives your hair lots of volume which is always a bonus!

Sorry there wasn’t any pictures on this post for some reason it won’t let me upload any! But i will work on that, promise!

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x



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