10 facts about me….

10 facts about me….

Hello everyone,

So as i haven’t done one of these before i figured that i probably should. I don’t really tell you much about me because this is a anonymous blog but i thought i still could find some kinda investing things about me. The trouble is i don’t think I’m a interesting person but anyways i will try and think of some things to tell you. Tell me in the comments one fact about you!!!

  1. I can’t play an instrument. Like I’ve always wanted to be able to play one. And I’ve tried to play loads of different ones but i can’t play any. So yeah i can’t play a instrument.
  2. I feel like I’m pretty much your stereotypical kind of girl. Like i love any thing to do with make up and fashion. I know loads of people say how you ‘don’t need make up your fine the way you are’ but personally i just like putting on make up. Like i just find it a fun thing to do.
  3. I am not very good at any thing sporty. Its not that i don’t like it (well i guess i don’t really like it) i just can’t do it. Like i can’t run, I’m out of breath within minuets. I guess I’m just really unfit but…. moving on…
  4. I can’t draw. Seriously though i can’t draw anything even the simplest thing you would think of i guarantee i would not be able to draw it.
  5. I love the films: clueless, mean girls and how to be single. They are my 3 favourist films to watch (and yes i know ‘favourist isn’t a word but i can’t find anything else to use’) i watch them all the time.
  6. Another thing is that I’m really bad at replying to text messages or calls. I don’t really know why i just am really bad at it.
  7. I don’t really read any books. I know this sounds really bad and it probably is really bad but i honestly down read books. I would much prefer to see a film then read a book. I don’t think i’m very good at imagining things so thats probably why.
  8. I really hate the words moist and ointment. Like i really hate them.
  9. I don’t like feet. I hate it when people walk around with socks on like i just don’t like feet.
  10. My last fact is that I’m not a very neat person. Like i quite messy. My room right now looks like a bombs hit it or something so yeah quite messy……

Anyway they were 10 facts about me and i hope you enjoyed reading them…. (that sounded really strange but oh welllll)

Lots of love and bye for now

Milalor X x X x


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