Last minuet gift ideas

Last minuet gift ideas

Hello everybody,

As i promised in my last post i was going to do my next post on last minuet gift ideas here it is..

I know we have quite a while to go till Christmas but i thought this would be useful anyways. As you still may know of people who have birthdays in the coming weeks i wanted to do this post. I think i will re blog this post again nearer to Christmas as well though. But I’m not sure yet! I hope you enjoy this post and please share in the comments any of your last minuet gift ideas as they are really helpful!!!

Now if I’ve forgotten someones birthday (which i have done many of times) i have a number of different go to ideas. One of these includes giving them money. Now this is always a good one when you don’t know what to get someone as well. Like i’ll go grab a birthday card and stick a note in there! This is always a good one to go to.

Now it was my brother birthday yesterday and as i don’t really know what he wants and i don’t have a whole lot of money for the things he did want. I came up with a idea. And that was to just get a really big box and some (when i mean some i mean about 60) 5-10p sweets. And just wrap them all up separately and there you have it a sweet lovers ideal present! When my brother opened it he literally said it was his favourite present.

If your looking for something a little more different and unique say a present for one of your friends a nice idea is to always cut up some pictures of you and your friend and out them in a frame. What you need to do is pretty simple really. Gather up all the pictures of you can that friend. Cut them all out in funked shapes, and spread them out into a frame. To add a extra wow factor you could even sprinkle a bit of confetti into the frame just to jazz it up a little!

Now if you really don’t have any money and can’t afford any thing use what you have. Sometimes the besets of presents are worth any money. Like just going to see someone on their birthday is enough. Or hand making them a card will mean a lot.

Let me (and everyone else) know of any other good ideas you have in the comments!

Lots of love,

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x


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