Chatty post

Chatty post

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe it is November already. It’s so so so close t0 Christmas (about 55 days to be exact) and I’m so excited! I have already done about half of my Christmas shopping. Have any of you done yours? I think I’m just one of those people who like to be organised really early. Like i had already started buying Christmas presents in September. I guess then you don’t have that rush in December to work out what everybody wants. Personally i find it easier to shop early! I know people though who like do their shopping the day before Christmas eve, i don’t think i would be able to cope with that even though i don’t buy for that many people.

What do you guys do for halloween? I went up to Peterborough (because thats where my aunty and uncle live) and they cooked everyone dinner and it was just really nice. Because my cousins are young they like to go out trick or treating so that was really cute to see them out in their little halloween costumes. I also made my ‘halloween brain cake’  to take up for halloween and everyone loved it. Even though it looked disgusting it tasted really yummy.

Also at the weekend my other aunt told us that she was pregnant. So that is also exciting to find out that this time next year we will have another little baby cousin!

I also had to get ready for my brothers birthday which is tomorrow. So i went out to  get his presents are card which i still need to wrap up! I got him this David Beckham wash set which i know he will love. And i also are up with this other idea, that my cousin helped me with! (She wanted a mention haha)! Any basically what we did was buy loads of them 10p sweets (harries, dummies, chews) and wrapped them all up separately, disguising them in all different containers. Which we then put into this MASSIVE box which we also wrapped up. And that literally took me more than a hour. I’m not kidding we wrapped up around 60 sweets, it took a lot of effort!!! And now that i’ve told you all what i got him I’m praying he doesn’t see this post otherwise the surprise will be ruined (insert nervous face here haha)!

So yeah that is basically what I’ve been up to recently. Let me know if you like this type of post as i don’t think I’ve done a chatty post before so it’s a little bit different for me. Let me know what you’ve been up t0 this week. And if you like for my next post i was thinking of doing a last minuet present idea thing which i always find very useful.

Anyway i need to stop going on and on….

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x


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