My top 10 tips on how to Save money…

My top 10 tips on how to Save money…

Hello everyone,

I feel like i’m starting to set up a theme here unintentionally with all of these top ten posts! (my others are 10 of the most awkwardest things! and 10 of the most annoying things:) Anyway i wanted to do a post about my tips to save money. Let me know any of your money saving tips in the comments! And give this post a like if you enjoy it!!!

  1. One way to save money is to split what you get. By this i mean that say you get £40, put half in your purse/wallet and the other half in your bank. This way you will have money to spend now and money to save till later.
  2. If you live in the UK you will know that they have changed the £5 note to a plastic one. So what i’am doing at the moment is saving all my new £5 notes. Just thin if you get 2 of them a week and you’ve saved them for a year you will around £500 pound a year.
  3. I have seen people who collet coins. This means that any small change they get they put it into a big tub and over time they save it up. I would imagine the eventually they would bank up quite a lot of money. Even though i haven’t tried this my self my grandad collets small change and i think over a few years he gathered around £2000! So i would defiantly recommend this one.
  4. Another thing to save money would be to buy the cheaper things. Super markets sell a range of different brands that all make one product. And personally i don’t see the difference with a really expensive brand to a much cheaper one. So if you are looking to save money buy the cheaper product.
  5. I also love to use vouchers. If you google voucher codes for the shop you shop in or the restaurant you eat in a voucher is almost guaranteed to come up! This is defiantly a good way to save money.
  6. Buy multiple products that are on offer. Say that when you go into do your weekly/monthly shop something you are going to buy say chicken is on offer for buy one get one free. But you don’t think that you will use the second chicken this week, still buy it just sick it in the freeze when you get home. This will keep if fresh for longer!
  7. Pay your bills when you get them. Now i know this one is pretty obvious but i thin that if you are trying to save money this will defiantly help you. This way you know how much money you will have left once all the bills have been payed. It will also stop you going into debt!
  8. If you are going out for the night with some of you friends but you don’t have a outfit so you need to get a new one, but you know you won’t wear it again borrow it of someone. I’m pretty sure that one of your friends will understand the situation enough to lend you a outfit!
  9. If you are going on holiday then you should set yourself a budget for your activities and food costs while you are there.
  10. Save any sachets of sauce. You never know when you may need them!!

This one is a longer post finally!! I hope you all enjoyed it and don’t forget to share your money saving tips in the commets!

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x



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