10 of the most annoying things:

10 of the most annoying things:

Hello everyone,

So as you all seemed to like the post i did a while back (10 of the most awkwardest things!) i wanted to do a similar post on it. So today I’m going to tell you some of what i think are the most annoying things. Let me know in the comments what you think! And if this post gets 10 likes, i’ll do a post on my favourite life hacks!

  1. One thing that i find really annoying is when you send someone a message and they open it but don’t reply. To be honest i have done this before ( i think we all have) 😉 but my read receipts are of so then they don’t know I’ve opened it…
  2. Another thing i find really is when you go to the fridge to get some butter/milk out. Then you open it and realise it’s empty. So someone has used the last bit and just put it back into the fridge.
  3. When someone cancels on you. So you get a text from someone asking you you want to go out tonight, that gets you really excited so you start getting all done up. Then last minuet they cancel on you. Like how annoying is that! Has this ever happened to you?
  4. Putting rubbish in bins. Okay so it’s not putting the rubbish in the bin thats the problem, it’s when people aim their rubbish for a bin throw it and it misses but they carry on walking and don’t pick it up. Now I’m no saint to the environment but i would still put my rubbish in the bin!!
  5. When you start to talk to talk to someone and they start to talk to someone else. Now this one really annoys me (like many things haha).It’s like you start to talk to them and they start a new convocation with someone else. Has this ever happened to you?!
  6. When people swear at you for no reason. You get the people that swear at EVERYTHING and i mean everything! Like it just really annoys me. And then they swear at you and…. ugh!!!!
  7. When someone tells you they don’t like someone but then when they are around them, they act like their best friends. Like when they are with you they will tell you how much they hate this person lets call this person scarlet. Then when they are with scarlet they act like their best friends and like everything about each other.
  8. Getting the blame. Now if you live with siblings you would have experienced this many times. Whenever anything goes wrong you also get the blame when the other person clearly done it. But i’ve done something and blamed it on my brother so i guess i can’t really say. Hahaha……
  9. Unexpected bills… So you know when your doing a little bit of online shopping just adding bits and bobs to your basket as you go. Then the dreadful moment comes when you go to check out and your basket is well over £100. Then you start deleting things until it goes down to £20. This happens to me all the time.
  10. When stores advertise christmas wayyy to early. Like don’t get me wrong i love christmas so so so so much and yes i do get excited when they start advertising christmasy things. However when they start selling things to do with christmas in September, it gets you excited for nothing. Well not for nothing but like you have to remind yourself that christmas is still 3 whole months away. 😦

So thats the end of todays blog. Don’t forget to keep checking back for more posts. And also i wanted to mention that we are now at 60 followers. It was only a week ago when i posted about us having 50. So i just wanted to say thank you for giving us a follow. Anyway enough of me rambling…

lots of love,

bye for now,

Mialor X x X x


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