Bath products

Bath products

Hello everybody,

As lots of you liked my Bathbomb collection i wanted to do another post based on that type of theme. So today i decided to write about my bath collection thing. 🙂 Now i have quite a few bath products that i like to use. Let me know in the comments products you like to use in the bath. Hope you enjoy the post…

Obviously i like to use my shower gel. I do have a lot of shower gels and they are all have different scents which is why i love them so much. I do have a habit of buying my favourite ones when they are on offer as i love the some much and this probably leads to why i have such a big collection! So below are some pictures of my favourite ones. One of them is a cranberry scent and i feel that is so christmasy and perfect for this time of year.  I also have a honey one, a orange scented one, coconut scented one and just a floral one. (the juicy one).

In the bath i also love to have a bath bomb in there but i won’t go into to much detail on that as i have already done a whole post based on bath bombs.

If i wash my hair i like to use my favourite shampoo. And that is the one below. I like shampoo and conditions for my hair colour as i find others are to strong for my hair whereas the ones for blonde hair work a lot better and aren’t as strong. Also they keep the colour. I do believe that you can buy these for other hair colours as well. And i think for different hair textures but I’m not sure.


When i get out the bath or shower i like tom apply my moisturiser. Now at the moment i have 2 favourites. The royal jelly and the juicy one. Let me know your favourite in the comments!?

I hope you enjoyed the post today and don’t forget to check back for another one in 2 days!!!

Lots of love

Milalor X x X x


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