Halloween treat ideas

Halloween treat ideas

Hello everyone,

So as you all seem to like my baking posts i though that i would do another one on halloween treats. These are perfect to give out to “trick or treaters” or to take to a party you are going to! So let me know in the comments your favourite and i hope you enjoy this post…

  1. Now this one i think is really cute and sweet! This is more of a healthier one i guess so if you don’t want a healthier one skip to number 2. For this you will need oranges and celery. This one then is really easy you just peel the peel of the orange peel and then stick a piece of celery in the middle of the orange. Wola you have a mini pumpkin.
  2. This one is a witches finger hotdog. Its really easy to create you need a cooked sausage and some ketchup! Carve a bit of the top of the finger to show the nail, place it in the bun and squirt some ketchup on it and you are done. You have a gruesome sausage roll!!!
  3. Jelly worms. This one is so simple it can’t really go wrong. All you need to do is get a tall cup and fill it with straws standing the right way up. Then take you newly made jelly and pour it in. Leave to set in the fridge and then you are done.

If you have any other treat ideas for halloween tell me in the comments!!!

Lots of love

Milalor X x X x


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