Night Time Routine

Night Time Routine

Hello everyone,

So I was having a flick through the blog and i noticed that a few of you enjoyed the morning routine that i posted, if you haven’t seen that yet go check it out!(link here Morning Routine) But yeah so i wanted to do a post on my night time routine. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments your night time routine. I hope you enjoy this post….

So let me start by saying i don’t exactly stick to a proper bed time routine as such i just like to g0 with the flow. (and yes i’am fully aware with how cheesy that sounded)!!!! So this is my typical routine for some week days, my weekend ones are very different (haha) so let me know if you would like me to do a post on one of them!

So i would start getting for bed at around 7. By this i mean literally chucking my pjs on. Occasionally i put my pjs on at like 4 (how sad am i ) because they are so so so comfy. I have so many pairs of pjs my draw is full of them.  So i love pjs. Yes i call them pjs!

Once thats all done i will watch tv in the living room till around 9. Then i like to make my self a cuppa tea or hot chocolate (especially in Winter) and take it up to my room.

I will then read through my social media accounts untill around 10. Then finally go to bed!

I know it was a shorter blog post but hopefully you all enjoyed it. Check back again soon for another post!

Lots of love milalor X x X x


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