Bathbomb collection!!!

Bathbomb collection!!!

Hello everyone,

So I was really excited for this blog as its discussing my favourite things…. BATH BOMBS!! But yeah so recently i purchased some bath bombs from various stores so i thought i would write a blog showing you some of the ones i brought. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to follow and give it a like….


These next few bath bombs came as a set and they are just really cute! They all look like cupcakes and smell good enough to eat! One of them has a lavender smell, another has a citrus smell and the other 2 are quite minty. I think i got these fro my local garden centre and as a group they were around the £9.00 mark.

This one is a bubble bar from lush. Ive had it before and it is amazing. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and makes the bath really bubbly. And i do believe that is was £3.00.


The pink round one actually came as a set of three but I’ve used the other 2 so this was the only one i had left to show you!! Anyway this one has a floral scent and as a pack they where £2.00.


Lastly is this bright pink one. Again it came as a set of 3 but this is the only one i had left. I can’t exactly remember how much they were but I’m guessing about £2 ish. And i don’t think that it has a scent as such.


Okay so that was my little bath bomb collection! Let me know in the comments if you would like another one of these as i have lots more!!

Bye for now

Milalor X x X x

(Oh yeah and sorry that the picture quality isn’t great, i realised after i’d taken them that my camera had a piece of fluff on it)!


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